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B2M in the media

This piece appeared in last Sunday’s Age. The Rites of Passage experience mentioned is in progress this week. Find out more about our B2M program. 

Outdoor Ed: beyond the classroom walls

Year 9 boys entered their final term by heading straight back out the gates again!  Off to solidify the lessons learnt on the Great Southwest Journey, and set themselves up for their Year 10 World Class Journeys with some skills extension.   The boys were able to put preferences in for which ‘river’ venue they attended, […]

Connor’s Run 2019

*Sold Out* ‘Unlock your Dance’ to support Connor’s Run 2019 and change the odds for young people facing brain cancer. All Year 9 boys will be participating as part of the Year 9/10 B2M program, and many other members of the BGS community are involved too as either participants or volunteers.    

Year 10s off to conquer the world!

Every day this week, groups of our Year 10 boys are getting up early and heading out to the airport to catch flights around the world. The final Victorian crews depart on Friday morning to world class destinations at our door step. There is that amazing, exciting and nervous ‘buzz’ at the St Andrew’s gates as […]