Big Fella Camp Reflections

A reflection from Lachlan Zissis

After 13 years at Brighton Grammar, my fellow Tonners and I embarked on our last camp at the School. The Year 12 ‘Big Fella’ camp, which has been recognised as the best camp you will go on for many years by the boys in the older year levels, added to the excitement of the experience.

Big Fella is about working together as a group, taking control and having a voice in how to help the School achieve success in certain areas. As a cohort we focused on how we can bring the culture back which has been a big talking point over the last couple of years. This saw the boys separated into their Houses and then discussed ways in which we can revive the Brighton Grammar culture. After each House had written multiple ideas down, the Year 12s gathered together and representatives from each House presented these ideas to the cohort. 

The hike up Mt Bogong is what the trip is based around and is the highlight of the trip. The physical and mental challenge that was endured allowed us to problem solve and develop new strategies to climb the mountain as one and not leave anyone behind on this incredible journey. Climbing the mountain as one is essentially the transition from a boy to a man.