Billy Cart Cup

Throughout the Junior School, the boys work towards developing their design technology skills to build a billy cart in Year 6 which they race in the Billy Cart Cup. 

Under the guidance of teachers Bill Gibney and Laura Hall, the boys research billy carts, then create a scale model before developing a full size prototype, which they race in the cup.

In groups of three, the boys learn how to build and construct a billy cart frame which is strong enough to hold them and be pushed around a track when wheels are finally added. They have an $80 dollar budget to purchase any extra items needed.

This unit links very well with Science, where Newton’s laws of motion are considered when designing the carts, and Literacy, with the boys focusing on the text Spit Nolan, which tells the story of a champion billy cart racer. 

Congratulations to all Year 6 students who competed, especially Harvey Newstead, Max Pihan and Corey Gendala who raced the fastest cart over the three lap final, Huw Thomas, Tom Fisher and Ethan Bao who won the Design Cup, and Frank Wu who designed the racing track.. 

Rob Bater 
Year 6 Classroom teacher