Three boys work together building timetable widget

Boys develop innovative and useful IT solution for BGS

A key component of the VCE Unit 1&2 Information Technology course requires students to develop a solution for a ‘real life’ business problem. 

Three mates, Ben Tegoni, Nick Parsons and Max Bowyer, all in Year 10, and who have been friends since their days at Brighton Primary School, worked together to build a timetable widget for BGS.

So what does that mean?

Brighton Grammar needed a functional online timetable the students could use with ease, tailored to their particular circumstances, that would always be ‘live’ and current, no matter what changes the school might make.  It had to have one day, one week and fortnightly cycle view.

Such a timetable, accessible anytime, from anywhere, including from your smart phone, would mark the end of the printed timetable (unless of course the individual student wants to print his own) ensuring everyone in in the right place at the right time with the right teacher!

But to build what may seem a simple solution took eight weeks (including some holiday time) of concentrated work covering off such things as

  • Getting a detailed brief including the scope of the project
  • Understanding the software requirements
  • Designing the template,
  • Learning a new coding language and then writing the code
  • On-site testing which of course had to occur afterhours
  • Meeting the project deadline!

The team worked well under the guidance of Cam Taylor, Head of eLearning, and Thivi Athipar, BGS Database Administrator & Developer, to deliver a glitch free timetable in time for the Promotions period.  And the response from the other boys and staff was fantastic.  Ben explained, “Lots of people have said congratulations; other have said it’s cool and easy to read.”

When asked what were some of the lessons learned along the way Nick started “It was good working on a collaborative project.  Everyone had different roles which allowed us to focus on different things”

And Max added, “Yes, other people can pick up on things you might miss.”

And next year’s challenge in Unit 3&4?    “Another ‘real life’ project!” 

Well done boys on leaving such a positive and valued legacy to BGS.