Celebrating 10 years of iDesign

iDesign week is finally here! All of the incredible efforts by Year 8 boys have finally being celebrated through a COVID-safe exhibition, held in the Urwin Centre.

All Year 8 projects were brought, or trailered, in to exhibit where students ‘pitch’ their finalised designs to their peers. All works have been scrupulously judged, the finalists will be notified on Thursday 3 December, for the top 10 to present to a select panel of judges.

The exhibition will host Year 7 students for People’s Choice voting, as well as a live webinar for parents on Friday 4 December in lieu of a public exhibition. The top 10 presentations will be pitching to a Shark Tank-specialised panel of judges also on Friday, with results published Tuesday 8 December.

Warren Zhang, iDesign 2011 winner

This design expo allows for the celebration of the immense efforts and innovative sparks that have fuelled the thoughts of students throughout 2020.

Year 8 students have developed individual projects responding to real world problems through the themes of sustainability, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students have conceptualised and developed their ideas into polished presentations with the aid of their mentors, working towards the pitching their plans during iDesign which is now in its 10th year.

Congratulations to all Year 8 students for their incredible efforts this year in their iDesign projects, especially with all obstacles apparent in 2020.

Warren Zhang (OB 2015)
iDesign Winner 2011