Junior School

Term 4 2021

*Please note that all event dates are subject to change and will be updated on the online calendar

Oct 5 Term 4 commences (distance learning)
  18 Preps return to school: Mon, Tue, Wed (on-site learning)
  21 Year 1-2 return to school: Thu, Fri (on-site learning)
  26 Year 3-4 return to school: Tue, Wed (on-site learning)
  28 Year 5-6 return to school: Thu, Fri (on-site learning)
Nov 1-2 Mid-term holiday/Melbourne Cup Day
  5 All year levels return to school: all days (on-site learning)
Dec 8 Term 4 ends

Return to school dates are indicative, depending on vaccination levels and confirmation by State Government.