Brighton Grammar School Parents Group

Secondary School Parent Group

The Parents Group for Secondary School boys’ parents is known as the BGSPG (Brighton Grammar School Parents Group).  


The BGSPG is an active representative voice for BGS parents, acting as a conduit for information on decisions and proposed changes by the School and a formal means of providing feedback.  Such issues may include changes relating to technology, uniforms and curriculum. Although the BGSPG is not a fundraising body, funds are raised through the management of the Second Hand Uniform Shop.  These funds are reinvested into the School to assist the provision of resources, materials and services to benefit the boys, which would not normally be included in the School’s operational budget. Decisions regarding these funds are made with the agreement of the Headmaster. Thee BGSPG helps promote and encourage involvement in social opportunities organised by the School.  

The BGSPG provides a formal structure and support network for parents to participate in the activities and decision-making processes at the School and to work for the benefit of the School and the boys. We promote and facilitate parental engagement and involvement throughout the education of the boys.  

All parents are welcome to attend BGSPG meetings listed on the BGS events calendar and promoted in the eNews. There is also a dedicated BGSPG page on the HUB with dates and Minutes from each meeting.  

Please email Lizzy Badge, BGSPG President.