Accessing and using Edval

Edval Music Timetabling – Students and Parents 
Accessing and using Edval

View this video in Mandarin via vimeo.

1. Signing in

If possible please use google chrome to access Other browsers may work but we have found this to be the best browser. 

You will be asked for your webcode which will be sent to your email on Friday afternoon. If you cannot find this please check your junk before emailing

Note: Google will ask you to save the password and I suggest you use the username ‘music 2021’ as your username.

If viewing on an iPhone please rotate your phone to landscape mode once you have signed in.

2. Viewing your timetable  

You will need to select ‘Timetables’ from the blue menu bar at the top of your webpage, then use the scroll bar on the right-hand side to find your lesson time ensuring that you have selected the date 01-02-2021 from the calendar in the top right corner. Please ignore all other weeks in the timetable until instructed to unless a lesson does not appear in the week.

3. How to read your timetable

Please select the far right ‘Show’ options below if they are not selected. This will display the time and location of your lessons.

4. How to print your timetable

If you wish to you can select the ‘print’ directly but you can use the export to excel button on the bottom right if you wish to view these pages in excel. However, I suggest that just noting your start time and location and using your diary would be a great way to organise your music lesson. 

5. Next Week only

You will only see your next week timetable for music lessons. We will release the following week’s timetable, every week at 4.00pm on the Friday of the previous week. You should not miss the same academic class all the time and any programs or excursions are taken into consideration.

If you have a problem with your nominated time please email with your lesson time and the nature of your issue and we will endeavour to assist you. We cannot always accommodate everyone as our staff are casual and do need to work under certain conditions.