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Eggshell Planting

Embrace your green thumb by planting some seedlings in eggshells and watch them grow, grow, grow!

You will need: 

  • Egg shells 
  • Grass seeds(or other seeds of small plants) 
  • Soil (potting soilor you can use dirt from your own garden) 


  • Carefully remove the egg from the shell (crack open the skinny end of the egg and made scrambled eggs out of the centres)  
  • Delicately rinse and dried the eggshells, then set them aside to dry  
  • Planted your grass seeds in the eggshells with a little water until the soil idamp (if you don’t have soil you can use cotton wool)  
  • Place the eggshell planters in a sunny spot and keep the soil damp 
  • Watch as the grass begins to grow 

Keeping your eggshells in an egg carton will help to keep them sturdy. 

Decorate your empty eggshells with paint before planting your seeds, for any extra bit of colourful fun! 

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