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Finger fencing for fun

Bring out your inner Olympian or Swash-Buckling Hero in the fast, fun role play.

En Garde and raise your fingers ready for a fun bout of fencing. This is a swash-buckling activity for fun and interaction with your family.

You will need:

  • 2 people
  • White clothes (optional)
  • A kitchen sieve or colander to pretend you have your mask on.  (Just for fun)
  • Your finger
  • Your best dramatic moves
  • Your favourite fun music to move to. It can be as dramatic, uplifting, motivational fast or slow as you choose
  • Space to move in

What to do:

Collect your props and take your best dramatic stance as you prepare for the bout. For ideas you can watch the clips attached.

Find a partner and bring out your most dramatic, over the top fencing actions using only your finger as your foil (that’s your fencing sword). The most impressive “swordsman” will win the bout. Swish swash your. 

Need some sword fighting inspiration…

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