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How to make an agility course for your pet

Have some fun with your dog….or cat. An agility course will give your pet plenty of physical and brain exercise.

Start your agility course with simple jumps, weave poles, ramps and tunnels.  

  • Jumps should be low so as not to injure your pet. They could be a laundry basket, pool noodle or hula hoop. 
  • Weave poles can be small sport cones, spaced apart to allow your pet to navigate through. 
  • Play tunnels are perfect for dog training, or a cardboard box will also work well.  Chair tunnels are also effective. 
  • Find a plank and make it into a ramp, securely balanced on blocks.  

Put all these elements together, making sure you have enough space for each trick that you set up, and have some fun getting your pet to run the course! 

Remember, be patient with your pet’s training, it should be a fun experience for both of you. 


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