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Letter learning

Strategy for learning and writing the letters

  • Help your child to practice writing and making letters with a variety of materials. For example, writing letters in sand or with finger paints, or making letter shapes out of pipe-cleaners or modelling clay.
  • Point to letters on the page as you are reading any book with your child and ask them to point to the letters they know.
  • Play alphabet bingo:
    • Make small cards with a letter written or printed on each one and place them in a box or bag. 
    • Draw squares on a piece of paper and write a letter in each square. 
    • Say the name or letter sound for each card as you draw them from the box or bag and your child can cover the letter on their card with a marker or token.
  • Give your child an old magazine and a felt-tip pen or highlighter and ask them to circle all the words that start with a particular letter.
  • Play alphabet memory: Make two identical sets of cards with a letter written or printed on each one. Shuffle them together and place them face down. Take turns to turn over two cards at a time to find matching pairs.
  • Make your own alphabet book with scrap paper or an exercise book.
    Write a letter on each page and ask your child to collect or draw pictures of things beginning with that letter.

  • Purchase alphabet magnets or make individual alphabet letters using card, felt or foam. Take turns to arrange the letters into simple words, spelling the word or sounding it out as you do. Practice placing them in alphabetical order.
  • Teach your child the alphabet song. Sing it to them but pause and leave out a letter. Ask them which letter you left out.



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