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Messi’s toe touch challenge

Can you take the Lionel Messi’s juggling challenge? Test your touch and soccer skills. In this video, Messi is challenged to juggle a soccer ball, golf ball, tennis ball and his soccer boots to test his legendary skills and see how well he can control different objects with his feet.

Using a tennis ball, soccer ball or similar size ball, stand on the ground with feet shoulder width apart and place the ball 30cm in front of and in the middle of both feet.

Using one foot at a time, touch the top of the ball with your toe, alternating feet. Start by walking and then proceed to a jog.

Try and keep the ball still when touching it with your feet. Commence continuously for 30 seconds working up to a minute. 

Modify the activity by placing the ball directly between feet rather than in front of feet. Can you juggle different objects like Messi?
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