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Number Pebbles for Counting

Make number pebbles to create a natural play resource for practising counting and maths manipulatives at home.

You will need: 

  • 10-20 pebbles collected from home, the park or beach 
  • Permanent marker to number the pebbles 

Steps to take:

To make these number rocks, use a variety of pebbles collected from the beach and a permanent marker pen. Count out 20 rocks and add the numerals to each, and you’re ready to play with within seconds!

Begin by ordering the pebbles in ascending order. Can you make this number 17 using two pebbles? Which ones do you need and which way around will you place them? What if you put the 7 in front? Can you read that number now? Repeat for all of the teen numbers.

Making 10s and 1s using number pebbles

With an older child you could use this activity to introduce the concept of 10s and 1s making up double digit numbers.

A DIY project from The Imagination Tree. 



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