Dad – a boy’s first hero

Celebrating fathers in the ELC

We all understand how important it is for boys to have a positive male role model. Last Thursday night, we celebrated the dads in our ELC. After an exciting lead-up to the evening, by the time fathers and sons arrived at 5.30pm, the Centre was buzzing.

The dads were invited to share in a mindfulness session such as those we practise every day in the ELC. It was a great way to wind down after a busy work day – we could tell the dads appreciated it!

Each boy sat on his dad’s lap as we sat around the campfire to eat sausages and roast marshmallows. It was delightful to see the boys chatting away to their dads and each other. We were blessed to have a grandfather present, who played the guitar as we all sang along. Wow – a rock star in the ELC family!

Our ELC4 boys and fathers walked over to the GBR Hall to see 80 African drums awaiting. Booba, our drumming teacher, engaged everyone as boys and dads joined in with rhythmic beats and coordinated drumming patterns. We could see the pride in the dads’ eyes, and the excitement in the boys’, as they played together for 25 minutes. What a beautiful memory to hold in their hearts.

Each boy gave their dad a present for Fathers’ at the end of the evening Day. We thank our ELC dads and grandfathers for joining the boys in such a special evening, and seeing the child within.