Hear them sing

At BGS, we know that learning music is a powerful tool for brain development and that is why all BGS boys sing!

Singing is crucial in developing musicianship skills and a highly developed musical ear. Each week, you will hear boys singing at each music class, choral class, chapel and assembly. Singing is the most powerful music tool we have.

You may have noticed your son coming home singing in solfege with hand signs and singing in rhythm syllables. This approach to music is based on the Kodaly music education philosophy, where the voice is the primary instrument.

The Kodaly approach is well researched and used worldwide and sees boys being introduced to the sound of music before being introduced to the symbol. This is similar to the way in which a child learns to speak before learning to read and write.

The tools of hand signs and rhythm syllables enable us to teach the boys pitch and rhythm in a much easier and student-centred way. The hand signs reinforce the high and low sounds and intervals between different pitches in a visual and kinaesthetic way.

While rhythm syllables allow boys to internalise the rhythm and connect sound with language. Kodaly’s approach is structured and sequential. The boys develop skills to ‘hear what they see and see what they hear’.

This then holds them in good stead to pick up an instrument more easily with better aural and musicianship skills.

Hayley Blakiston
Head of Junior School Music