Inspired by the Masters

This year’s Junior School Art Trail had the theme ‘Art Inspired by the Masters’ – and inspired the boys certainly were!
With their artworks hung throughout the Junior School, the boys became professional guides, leading their parents, grandparents and siblings around the Trail and providing them with interesting facts about each of the artists and their styles. True learning was demonstrated by a Year 1 boy, who was heard giving a lesson on Henri Rousseau (using perfect French pronunciation, of course) and how this Master’s artwork shows his love of jungles and jungle animals, despite the artist never having visited a jungle. A Prep boy was overheard announcing to his dad that you “don’t copy an artist’s work, you are only inspired by them”.

The boys enjoyed the opportunity to explain the techniques used in their own works and those of their peers, and were very proud guides along the Art Trail.

Mandy Foulds
Junior School Art Teacher