Kung fu and compassion

The classic film The Karate Kid stimulated great discussion about the value of respect – the focus of Term 2’s Expanding the Possibilities session – among the Year 7 and 8 boys. It also kicked off an interest in martial arts – in particular, the Crane Kick!

We were delighted when Ms Chen Yuan Xin accepted our invitation to come and demonstrate some kung fu moves. The boys had many questions and attempted some moves themselves. They also learnt a special ritual, used before any kung fu fight as a reminder to have compassion and remain humble.

Expanding the Possibilities, a program run in the Middle Years Library at lunchtimes, is proving very popular. Its aim is to inspire the boys to strive always to achieve their best. It is also about building resilience through seeing others’ achievements and their journeys to success.

We have heard from a number of speakers in a variety of fields, who help to bring the themes we discuss into a real-world context.

Lauren Murphy
Middle School Librarian