Academic Results
Academic Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2016

BGS congratulates the Class of 2016 for achieving the most successful academic results in our history. Of the 108 boys, 38% achieved an ATAR of 90 or above.

Special congratulations to the Dux of 2016, Raymond Li who achieved an ATAR score of 99.90.

“These results are the School’s best ever, and of course I’m overjoyed, but I’m not surprised. The results are testament to the staff, the parents and most of all, to every single boy. They’re great kids – their hard work and effort has paid off and I couldn’t be prouder,” exclaimed a delighted Headmaster, Ross Featherston.  

The Stats

87.68 MEDIAN ATAR – Half our boys are in the top 12.3% of the nation. This has risen from 81.85 in 2015.

  • 9% of boys scored an ATAR of 99 or above placing them in the top 1% of students in Australia.
  • 24% of boys scored an ATAR of 95 or above placing them in the top 5% of students in Australia.
  • 38% of boys scored an ATAR of 90 or above placing them in the top 10% of students in Australia.
  • 64% of boys scored an ATAR of 80 or above placing them in the top 20% of students in Australia.

Congratulations to the three boys who achieved a perfect subject score: Sasha Parsons in Economics; Julian Ou in Music Performance; and a special mention to Year 10’s Jack Liu who achieved 50 in Mathematics Methods.

 2016 High Achievers

Congratulations to the following boys who received an ATAR of 90 or higher (in alphabetical order, not by ATAR achieved):

Stephen Allen, Dimitri Beycher, Justin Branson, Michael Chang, Jack Coleman, Zhipeng (Jack) Dai, Kayne Davies, Benjamin De Worsop, Darcey Delagnes, Marcel Denman, Keagan Foster, Takanosuke Fujiwara, Phillip Guo, Sanjeev Haikerwal, Taylor (Kai-Yee) Hall, Blake Hayes, Ben Holmes, Mingxuan Jiang, Steven Kavadias, Jerry Lee, Raymond Li, Shuo Jia (Angelo) Lin, Zen How (Jasper) Loong, Shaoheng (Clark) Ma, Lachlan Mcleod, David Mirmilstein, Samuel Morris, Andrew Naughton, Alex Nicholas, Finley Olsen, Nadir Rizwan, Nicholas (Nick) Semmens, Thomas Sharry, Kevin Sun, Ian Tongs, Thomas Wallace, William Wu, Arthur Xafis, Bobby Zhou, Zhehua (Alex) Zhu and one unnamed student. 


The Duxraymond-li
Raymond Li
(BGS 2010-2016)
ATAR 99.90

Raymond came to BGS in Year 6, and since that time has been known not only for his academic strength but for his commitment to others. He has won many academic prizes across all subject areas but in recent years he has been particularly recognised as an outstanding scientist and mathematician.

Raymond has been a Chapel Server each year from Year 7 to Year 12, achieving Full Colours for Chapel Service in Year 12.

His commitment to the wellbeing of others played out in other ways too, including early involvement with St John Ambulance, along with serving on the Senior School Student Council in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12. In Year 10 he was awarded Half Colours for Student Council, followed by Full Colours in Years 11 and 12.

Raymond is also a passionate debater, achieving Half Colours in Year 11 and Full Colours in Year 12. He was also awarded Full House Colours for service to Armstrong House.

Other involvement at School included playing soccer and badminton, and being a member of the backstage crew for the 2016 BGS/Firbank combined senior school production, Copacabana.  

Raymond is hoping to study Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.


Learn more about the boys who achieved 99+ 

Jack Coleman
(BGS 2008-2016)
ATAR 99.80


After joining BGS in Year 4, it soon became clear Jack had great academic strength. Over the years he has won a multitude of internal and external awards and prizes across all disciplines. 

Jack has also achieved across a host of other areas: he is a talented and respected hockey player (Full Colours in Year 12); a solid swimmer (Half Colours Year 11, Full Colours Year 12); and a talented chess player (Full Colours in Year 9 and 11, Half Colours in 10). Jack also achieved the prestigious Gold Award in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Australia and is a Queen Scout, the highest achievement in scouting. 

Jack played music throughout his time at BGS, ultimately performing in the Senior Concert Band and Senior Symphony Orchestra and achieving Full Music Colours in Year 11 and Half Music Colours in Year 12.

Jack is hoping to study Engineering and Commerce at Monash University.


Ian Tongs
(BGS 2003-2016)
ATAR 99.75


Ian joined BGS in Prep. Throughout his time at the School, he has consistently demonstrated he is an academic of distinction, achieving a litany of internal and external awards and prizes. What is remarkable is the breadth of his talent – Ian’s interests span all academic disciplines, as well as debating, public speaking, music and choir service. He has also competed in archery at state-level.

Ian is a passionate cellist and his been actively involved with BGS music every year. He achieved Half Colours in Music in Year 10 and 11, and Full Colours in Year 12.  Ian is also service-orientated, with recognition in the form of Full House Colours and Full Colours for Chapel Service. He served as a Year 12 Prefect, the Captain of Debating (after achieving Half Colours in Year 11 and Full Colours in Year 12) and Senior School Assistant Senior Chapel Server.

Ian also achieved Gold Level in the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Awards and has played hockey and badminton while at BGS.  

Ian is hoping to study Specialist Commerce and Science at Monash University.


Kevin Sun
(BGS 2008-2016)
ATAR 99.70


Kevin joined BGS in Year 4 and has always been an outstanding academic, winning multiple awards across every subject area. After ranking fifth in Year 7, he went on to be the Dux in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11, so it was no surprise he did so well in the VCE. 

Kevin is an outstanding badminton player, achieving the rare accolade of Full Colours in Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. He deservedly was appointed Captain of Badminton in Year 12.  He also achieved Half Colours for Cross Country in Year 11 and ran in the Senior Squad in Years 11 and 12.

Kevin served as a Prefect in Year 12.

Kevin is hoping to study Commerce at the University of Melbourne.


 Takanosuke (Taka) Fujiwara
(BGS 2010-2016)
ATAR 99.65


Since his arrival in Year 6, Taka’s focus has been on his studies. Each year he has been awarded prizes for achievement both at School and in external competitions, often ranking in the top percentile. His particular strengths are in mathematics and Japanese. Taka is also a solid chess player.

Another of Taka’s strengths is soccer, playing in the A team in Years 9 and 10 and the First XI in Years 11 and 12. He was awarded Half Colours for Soccer in Year 11 and Full Colours in Year 12. He was also awarded Half Colours for Service to Football twice. In summer, Taka played tennis.

Taka is hoping to study Commerce at the University of Melbourne.


Phillip Guo
(BGS 2009-2016)
ATAR 99.55phillip_guo

Since joining the School in Year 5, Phillip has balanced his academic success – particularly as an outstanding mathematician – with a passion for music.  Phillip has achieved the rare distinction gaining the AMusA Diploma in both piano and cello.  Phillip has been an outstanding leader starting as  Year 8 Leader of the Rosstrevor String Orchestra, and then Leader of the Cello Ensemble in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.  Phillip served as the Co-Vice Captain of Music and was awarded Half Colours for Music twice and Full Colours in Year 12. Phillip began playing in the Senior Symphony Orchestra in Year 7 and continued through to Year 12 when he also played in the Senior Big Band. 

Phillip is an excellent chess player, competing in many interschool competitions over many years, including competing in the 2016 Chess Victoria State Finals. Phillip was awarded Full Colours for Chess, and served as Chess Captain in Year 12. Phillip was also awarded Full House Colours and served as the House Captain of Hancock. For School sport, Phillip has played soccer and badminton.

Phillip is hoping to study Commerce at the University of Melbourne.


 Tom Wallace
(BGS 2007-2016)
ATAR 99.50tom_wallace

School Vice-Captain Tom Wallace has been roaming the corridors of BGS since Year 3 and will be remembered an outstanding academic, talented and fair sportsman and inspiring student leader. Tom has the rare distinction of playing in two APS Football Premiership teams, achieving Premiership Colours twice. Tom played in the 1st Cricket Team, served as Captain of Cricket and was awarded Full Colours. He also achieved Full House Colours.

Tom’s achievements spread beyond the classroom and sports field to include winning the 2016 Lions Club Youth of the Year, the Silver Level of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and achieving Half Colours in Debating. He demonstrated his care of others in many ways, including volunteering for the Frankston Camp, serving on the Student Wellbeing Committee and by being awarded Half Service Colours for Football in Year 10.

Tom is hoping to study Commerce/Law at Monash University.


Nick Semmensnick_semmens
(BGS 2010-2016)
ATAR 99.35

Nick joined BGS in Year 6 and has always shown he is a true all-rounder, both academically and in every other pursuit. Nick effectively led others as House Captain of School House, a Year 12 Prefect, Leader of the Choir, Co-Vice Captain of Debating and Vice-Captain of Cross Country. His commitment to service was recognised with Full House Colours.

Nick has been the recipient of many academic awards across multiple disciplines. Nick is also an excellent cross country runner, winning various coaching awards and then Half Colours and Full Colours, twice, for the sport.

Nick is also a musician performing in the Senior Big Band, Senior Guitar Ensemble and Choir. He was awarded Half Service Colours for Music, as well as Half Colours for Music followed by Full Music Colours the following year. Nick’s love of performance stretches over to Drama where he was awarded both Half and Full Colours, as well as Debating where he also received Half, then Full Colours.

Nick is hoping to study Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne. 


Kai-Yee Hall
(BGS 2005-2016)kay-yee_hall
ATAR 99.05

Having started in Year 1, Kai-Yee has BGS in his DNA. While Kai-Yee been recognised for his outstanding academic talent every year, he will be best remembered for his truly elite talent as a distinguished mathematician. Kai-Yee is also an excellent chess player, representing BGS over many years. He has twice been awarded Full Colours for Chess and once, Half Colours for Chess.

Kai-Yee played flute in the Senior Concert Band and the Senior School Orchestra and was awarded Half Colours for Music, followed by Full Colours in Year 12, as well as Half Colours for Music Service. He also played in the production band for the 2016 BGS/Firbank combined senior school production of Copacabana. Kai-Yee also achieved Full Colours for Badminton and Chapel Service.

Kai-Yee hopes to study Actuarial Studies at Monash University. 


Bobby Zhou
(BGS 2012-2016)bobby_zhou
ATAR 99.00

Although Bobby was only at BGS for his final four years of school, he leaves having made his mark in several areas of distinction. Bobby, a natural leader and carer for others, was a Prefect and Co House Captain of School House. 

Bobby is basically an all-round good guy, as demonstrated by the Service Colours he was awarded for Football (twice) and Basketball, and Full House Colours.  Bobby played in the inaugural senior Basketball team in 2016.  He also was a Chapel Server in Years 9 to 12, for which he was recognised with Full Colours – Chapel Service. Bobby volunteered at Frankston Camp and served on the Student Wellbeing Committee.

Debating was another area of success, with Half Colours awarded in Year 11 and Full Colours in Year 12.



A note of explanation: The purpose of the ATAR rankings is to provide a mechanism for placement in tertiary institutions. In a community such as ours, where most boys are aspiring to gain entry to tertiary courses, it is the ATAR that is important rather than individual Study Scores. The ATAR is a rank ordering of all students, rather than a percentage mark, hence an ATAR of 50 would place a candidate at the half way point of the population.


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