Academic uniform review: FAQs

Why is the new uniform being introduced?

The School feels a new uniform, with a more consistent design from ELC to VCE, is required to reflect BGS as a single-campus school. Implementing a consistent look across the School also means uniform cost savings for parents.

In addition, a key criterion in the brief is to provide an academic uniform that has a contemporary feel, is flexible and comfortable to wear, and is better suited to the school environment and to boys’ learning. At the same time, it is critical the design ensures that the uniform continues to reflect the values and traditions of BGS.

How different will the new uniform be?

The key BGS colours (dark/navy blue and red) will remain as the main features of the academic uniform. A major difference will be increased consistency in design throughout the School.

The ELC uniform will become more play-based; Prep to Year 10 students will all wear the same uniform (with a change of tie at Year 7); and VCE students (Years 11 and 12) will have a special blazer, shirt and tie to mark the boys’ final years at BGS.

It is envisaged that boys will have the same shorts and pants from Prep to VCE, making the uniform more cost-effective for parents, as new items will be able to be purchased based on sizing and usage. Other changes will include the use of better quality fabrics, and more comfortable and age-appropriate fit of garments.

Has the School considered the cost impact on families?

Yes, this issue has been at the forefront of the Uniform Review Steering Committee’s work.

  • A two-year transition period between 2019, when the uniform is introduced, and 2021, when the new uniform will be compulsory, will enable families to plan and prepare.
  • Noone Imagewear has agreed to discount purchases of the current blazer and jumpers by 50% to assist families during this transition period. (For updated price lists, click the relevant link at the top of the page.)
  • The School is finalising plans to assist current Year 7 and 8 families, who will be most affected by the change, with future purchases of key items such as the blazer (more detail is given below and specifics will be announced soon).

How will the new academic uniform be phased in?

The new uniform will be ready for purchase in late 2018, in time for the 2019 school year. There will be a full two-year transition period. All students will be expected to be wearing the new academic uniform by the beginning of the 2021 school year. For more specific information regarding how this affects particular year levels, please see the next FAQ.


I have a son/s at BGS already. How will this impact me?

Boys currently in Years 10 or 11.

Your son can finish his schooling at BGS in his current academic uniform. Current Year 10 and 11 boys can wear the new academic uniform in 2019 and 2020 if they wish, but this is not compulsory.

Boys currently in Year 9.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase the current Senior School uniform for Year 9 (2018) and Year 10 (2019). As mentioned above, Noone Imagewear has agreed to discount blazers and jumpers by 50% to assist. For Years 11 and 12 (2020 and 2021) you will need to purchase the new VCE academic uniform (noting that the changes planned for this uniform are centred on the blazer, the tie and shirts).The School is looking at ways to fund a significant part of the purchase of the new VCE blazer in 2020 for current Year 9 students.

Boys currently in Year 8.

It is recommended that you make no unnecessary academic uniform purchases for 2018, and then purchase the new uniform for Year 9 and 10 (2019 and 2020).

Boys currently in Year 7.

The School is exploring ways to assist current Year 7 parents with the purchase of either the new blazer for Year 9 (2020) and/or the new VCE blazer for Year 11 (2022).

Boys currently in ELC and/or the Junior School.

We encourage you to minimise uniform purchases for 2018, with a view to either purchasing the new academic uniform for 2019 or using the two-year transition period to your advantage.

I am new to BGS in 2018. How will this impact me?

Families new to BGS are encouraged to access the discount offered by Noone Imagewear on the two more expensive items: the blazer and the jumper. New families should then take advantage of the two-year transition period and minimise purchases until the 2021 school year (when all students will be expected to be in the new academic uniform).

What about the sport uniform?

The initial focus is a review of the academic uniform but a similar process is planned for the BGS sports uniform. This process will commence once the academic uniform review is complete. We will follow a similar process with the sports uniform as with the academic uniform. It is anticipated that the new sports uniform will not be available until 2021.

Will mix and matching of the old and updated uniform be allowed?

During the two-year transition period (2019 and 2020), students will have a choice of wearing either the current uniform or the updated uniform. At this stage, it is envisaged that mixing and matching will not be permitted; however, a final decision will be made once the design of the new uniform has been confirmed.

What happens to the old uniform after 2021?

Noone Imagewear runs a program whereby outdated academic uniforms can be used by less privileged communities. More details about this program and where outdated academic uniforms can be donated will be released during 2018.

What if I still have questions?

There will be opportunities during the consultative phase to have your questions answered. You can also send any questions to the School by emailing