Maggies swoop

Nathan Murphy (Year 12) was selected by Collingwood in last Friday’s national draft, having had to choose between a focus on Australian Rules footy and cricket. (This time last year, he was playing at the national cricket championships.) He is delighted to have been picked up by Collingwood (“a future in football excited me more than a future in cricket”) and glad that he’ll be able to stay at home with his family.

Nathan was the first-ever recipient of the John Gray Scholarship, set up for boys without the financial means to attend BGS. Throughout his years at the School, he has been a valued member of the community. “It’s always good having a close group of mates who make sure I’m keeping my feet on the ground,” he says.

Nathan stirred up AFL interest when he kicked seven goals for BGS in a game against Geelong Grammar earlier this season. According to coach Robert Shaw, Nathan started off in the backline that day but, “We were a bit light on up forward so we threw him forward and … he kicked seven”!

Nathan played with the Sandringham Dragons in the TAC Cup for a number of years. He left the program last season to focus on cricket but rejoined in the middle of the year and played in the grand final. The Dragons’ coach, Jackson Kornberg, said about Nathan, “He constantly seeks feedback and has a real desire for improvement.” Nathan was the recipient of the Brighton Grammarians’ Lodge Prize at the recent Year 12 Prize Giving Assembly.

We look forward to seeing Nathan in action for the Pies throughout the 2018 season.