MS Student Voice

What is the MS Student Voice?

We (the MS Student Voice) comprise a group of Year 7 and 8 boys who were selected through a nomination and interview process. We meet every Monday lunchtime to discuss opportunities to build and improve the Middle School. The Student Voice is here to improve not only our school, but also our community.

Any student can make a suggestion to the Student Voice via a suggestion box, by email, or by speaking directly with a member of the Student Voice.

Key accomplishments in Semester 1

In Term 1, the Student Voice proposed instituting a way for students to track the number of merits they have accumulated, via The Hub. Many boys were asking for this, so that they could track how many more merits they required to gain their certificate, whether it be Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. The proposal went through successfully and boys can already see the effect it has had on their Hub page; however, it is still a work in progress – in September, boys will be able to track their number of merits exactly.

In Term 2, the Student Voice was influential in creating MSUPSTANDER, which allows boys to take a stand against harassment. The campaign allows boys to report a problem that they would like to see resolved via email (, while remaining anonymous.  MSUPSTANDER has been an enormous success since its inception, encouraging all boys to become ‘Upstanders’ against all forms of harassment and other negative behaviour.

Looking ahead

This year the Student Voice is raising money for the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation’s brain cancer research fund. We have created a fundraising page with a goal of $5000 (donate here). We’ve been holding activities at lunchtimes and are looking to joining forces with the MS Charity Committee to raise further funds.

If you are a shop owner in the community, we’d be grateful if you would sponsor a prize for RCD fundraising. (Please pass this message on to any shop owners you know.) Please contact Mr Barnett at