Looking to the future

Reconciliation Week is a time for us all to come together to remember injustices of the past, to celebrate the reconciliation journey so far and to look towards a more unified and equitable future.

Tuesday 26 May marks Sorry Day, in recognition of members of the Stolen Generations who were First Nations children taken from their families to be assimilated into white Australian society. The generational trauma that this caused is still felt today.

Wednesday 27 May is the anniversary of the 1967 referendum, when 90% of Australians voted to change the constitution to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the census to be counted as Australians.

Wednesday 3 June is Mabo Day, the anniversary of the landmark 1992 High Court decision that lead to the abolishment of the myth of Terra Nullius and the creation of the Native Title Act.

BGS boys and their families can celebrate these milestones in reconciliation by getting involved in a number of ways:

James Hilditch
Indigenous & Cultural Development Coordinator