Down on the farm

Learning doesn’t get better (or muddier) than this

A wild, windy, muddy day at Chesterfield Farm was the perfect, practical way for the ELC boys (all 70 of them) to complement their in-centre learning about farm animals, farm-to-table and life cycles.

Although some of the boys fell asleep on the bus on the way to the farm, they were full of excitement on arrival.

There were a number of highlights to the day. In the barn area, the boys had a marvellous time being chased by the shoelace-eating pigs. A tractor ride allowed the boys to see the whole farm and the larger farm animals that live out in the paddocks.

At feeding time, the boys were each given a cup of food and off they went. They laughed hysterically as the camel’s huge lips smooched their hands. The emus gave some of us a fright as they pecked our cups to the ground. One of the lamas greeted us with a huge, chewy smile … before spitting at us.

A few boys decided to teach the cockatoo to speak Mandarin. And much to the boys’ entertainment, the teachers took part in a milking competition.

The farm visit was a great opportunity for the boys to hear from the farmers, and to connect their learning to real-life experiences in the wider world. With the whole ELC out together (70 boys plus staff and parents), the boys experienced a feeling of total engagement, and a sense of belonging, as we passed each other on our rounds.