The end is in sight

Whilst the school year is not quite done, this is my final Newsletter. As always, it is satisfying to review the year that has (almost) been. Although it is impossible to capture all that has been achieved in 2017, I have been very pleased with our continued focus on the core business of teaching and learning, and with the implementation of a school-wide approach to how our teachers teach. Wellbeing continues to be a priority and we have a number of initiatives that will be revealed in 2018 that will significantly enhance our programs in this area. And, of course, it has been a privilege to see BGS boys of all ages striving to be the best they can be on the stage, in the outdoors and on the sporting field. In short, 2017 has been an excellent year.

Thank you to those who have taken the time to provide the Uniform Refresh Steering Committee with feedback and thoughts on the draft designs. This feedback will be tabled at the Committee’s final meeting for 2017 and we will continue to keep the community updated as we finalise the designs early in 2018, ready for the 2019 school year.

As usual, there have been some staffing movements and changes; I refer you to the separate section in this edition of the Newsletter where we have provided an update on the more senior of our staffing changes from 2017 into 2018.

The School has taken on board feedback regarding our methods of communication, particularly to parents. Thus, in 2018, we are planning to revert to more ‘traditional’ methods of communicating with you. These changes are likely to include moving back to a weekly newsletter that features news, calendar items and happenings around BGS; a different and single platform for excursion notices, sporting fixtures and the like; and the use of email as a method of communication and sending out notices where relevant. Specific details of these changes will be communicated soon.

Finally, sincere thanks for your involvement and engagement in all things BGS during 2017. All the very best to all in our community for the Christmas and summer break. I look forward to welcoming you to a new school year in January 2018.