The Ethics Olympiad

Critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

On Friday, two teams competed for the first time in The Ethics Olympiad, a competition of international standing.

The students were rigorously judged by exacting academics from a range of international university philosophy departments for a full day in four separate competitions, where they exercised their skills in philosophical deliberation over a range of contemporary scenarios redolent with ethical dilemmas.

Our boys demonstrated great sangfroid competing against more experienced teams. Our team’s experience was profoundly enjoyable and it allowed our boys to develop their critical thinking skills in the field of philosophical ethical enquiry.

Our senior team, captained by Eric Stone, and including Max Kortge, Christopher Field, Cameron McIntrye and Thomas Galinas, placed fourth, missing inclusion into the national event by a very small margin.

Jarrad Thompson, Eason Liu, Fedya Kononchuk, Erik Kypirisis and Matthew Barwood also competed admirably, demonstrating good skills in philosophical deliberation and are well placed to enter the competition next year.

Kathryn Counihan
Teacher of English Language