Boys run up stairs in new Brighton Grammar middle school Getting ready
Getting ready

Book Lists

Booklist information has been emailed to parents. Please contact with any concerns.

School Uniform Shop

The School Uniform Shop, located in the Rosstrevor grounds (entrance off Allee Street – opposite Middle School) supplies the full school uniform including all sports uniforms. There is also a Secondhand Uniform Shop which is located on the ground floor of the Fairweather Building on the Junior School Campus. 

For all information please visit the BGS Website Uniform page

Term Dates 2017

It is expected parents plan holidays away within set holiday periods. If you are planning for your son to be absent from School either side of the holiday break, permission must be requested in advance in writing and addressed to the Head of Middle School.

Term Commences Term Ends

Term 1: Wednesday 1 February – Friday 31 March
Term 2: Wednesday 19 April – Friday 23 June
Term 3: Wednesday 19 July – Friday 22 September
Term 4: Tuesday 10 October – Thursday 7 December

Structure of the school day

The school day commences at 8.25am with Roll Call, prior to the bell for Period 1. Boys should arrive at school by 8.15am in order to sort their bag and locker to adequately prepare for the day ahead.

There are two exceptions:

On Thursday mornings, school commences at 9.00am due to Staff Professional Learning. Boys should not arrive at School prior to 8.45am.

On Wednesdays during Term 1, boys train for Summer Sport before school (8.00am in most cases) before commencing the school day at 9.30am in time for Period 2. In the other terms, sport training is after school.

The day consists of six one-hour periods, a 20 minute recess break and 45 minute lunch break. Classes conclude at 3.35pm each day.