Ute Full of Food Christmas Appeal

Our Christmas Appeal totalled over $9000 worth of donations and we as a community should be very proud.

I would like to thank every student, parent and staff member who has contributed to Ute Full of Food this year. To be a part of a team that works together to improve the quality of life of others can be a life changing experience for the giver, just as much for those who receive. Whilst we may never meet the people who benefit from our kindness, we donate with the understanding that our small gestures not only fill a belly, but provide a stranger with an understanding that people care enough to help.

Anyone can become homeless. No-one chooses homelessness, in fact, it is a traumatic experience. Many people who become homeless have experienced serious disadvantage throughout their lives, including poor education, mental health problems, disability and violence. Homelessness can occur due to a single event such as rental increase, losing a job or a relationship breakdown. Each individual has their own story. We cannot always know their story but we can contribute to a better world for our community.

Simone Lewis
Director of Services (Years 7–12)