From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 


Last week I was fortunate to attend the World Sustainability in Schools Conference in Portland, Oregon. During the conference, we were exposed to the thinking of schools who are leading the way in sustainability. We were also able to meet with the CEO of Adidas North America,  Zion Armstrong, who provided some amazing insights into the future of work and Adidas’ commitment to the environment.

Finally, we squeezed in to the Plug and Play Centre (an investor accelerator responsible for some incredible start-ups in the Silicon Valley).

Whilst the word limit on our Crowther eNews could strain under the amount of knowledge and case studies, I’ll summarise a few key takeaways:

  • Schools and companies are developing sustainability plans with focus on building engagement through voice (whether that be student, staff or community). This is because it links to motivation through purpose. People who have a say, are involved in the thinking and problem solving, and can invest in what is going on and make change.
  • Our students must develop a sense of being a ‘carer’ and custodian for the land, resources and materials that they use. To this end, high performing sustainable schools have very high visibility on strategies that they are using to minimise impact, up-cycle and so on. There are clear, measurable goals for energy use, minimising waste, using solar and recycling.
  • Notwithstanding it was a conference on sustainability, it is clear that this is a global challenge of immensely pressing importance. This was a point reinforced by the work and commitment from Adidas and its global strategy around plastics. We all need to be working toward a solution and developing our children into responsible global citizens.

Through our Crowther team, we will work on creating an updated plan to underpin the continued work the School is doing in this space.

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