From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

Assessment and Feedback  

Several years ago, I was involved as a consultant working with another school to improve their feedback. At the time, the school report consisted only as a letter grade for each subject (at the end of the first semester) and no formal report at the end of the year as it was felt the students wouldn’t really take anything from it!

Clearly, times have changed for the better across schools. We understand the value of providing feedback (purposeful, in time, personalised and in the right context) for your sons each and every day. We also understand that the purpose of the final reports is to give boys and parents a snapshot of where things finished across the semester. The comment is the teacher’s view on progress as a professional opinion on what the results might mean. Clearly, there are specifics that aren’t in the reports (and can’t be really due to the complexity of learning – for instance what is the moment when someone actually learns something? – nobody knows the answer to that).  

It is our view at Crowther that the conversation that you have with your son with his report is important, and that in the conversation, you focus on the process, how he felt and then look to identify strengths and opportunities. Sometimes boys need time to develop their ‘academic maturity.’ As we often advise, set up a time to have the conversation prior: make it special, important and take interest in his views and goals. Did he make progress? What did he enjoy? If there is failure, how might he bounce back, or what important lesson (albeit a tough one) might he draw?

On behalf of us at the Crowther Centre, we wish you a good break and look forward to seeing parents and boys in Term 3.


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