From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

It was wonderful to be able to host Steve Biddulph this week at Brighton Grammar to a full house. Steve has been a pioneer in the field of improving the mental health of young Australians, and boys and men in particular. Parents might also be aware that we are doing some work with Orygen: The National Centre for Youth Health and we are drafting the first framework for Positive Masculinity this Friday at Brighton Grammar.  In a different vein, we’re pleased to share this update on the Motorbike Project with you too:


The Motorbike Project

When asked what skills a boy needs to prepare for the future, many would begin to list subjects along the lines of Mathematics, English, Biology or Chemistry, and I too throughout my school career believed that these societal norms were compulsory for success. It was however, when I graduated Year 12 at Brighton Grammar and opened a new chapter of my life at RMIT, that I realised that the majority of my peers could not change a tyre and did not know what an Allen key was.

Of course, these things are not necessary when living in such a user-friendly and modern society. Although when I reflected on my earliest memories I quickly realised that the fondest were around old cars and motorbikes, and learning how different things worked whilst spending time with my friends and family. I believe the broadening of a boy’s mind in such a developmental stage of their life is a truly important and valuable part of their upbringing, and affects the way that they function as a part of society in later life. It is because of these fond memories working on rusty junk that I am overjoyed in leading a small group of boys in learning about mechanics and ingenuity at a time in this world where these skills can be so easily lost amongst a sea of technology and complication.

The Brighton Grammar Motorbike Project, affectionately nicknamed ‘Dr Swann’s Garage’ runs after School every Friday until 4.30pm or 5.00pm depending on what needs to be done. Originally bought in early 2018, our current project is targeted at boys who are interested in engineering and mechanics, and want an opportunity to learn more and be part of a team. The project can be found next to reception at the Urwin Centre for Learning, where you can keep up to date with our progress. Anyone can join the team at any time and it is a great learning experience, contact The Crowther Centre for any details or questions.

Jack Peters
OB, 2018


Crowther Parent Workshop Program

The Effective Learner at Home: Building Better Routines

By popular demand, we are running this workshop again. 

Date: Monday 3 June 2019

Time: 6.00pm

Please register to attend:

Topics for upcoming workshops include: Study Habits and Difficult Conversations.

More information on these workshops will be available closer to the date via the Crowther Centre eNews.