From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

The Rainmaker

Well, it’s really a story about bringing inner harmony: harmony between the inner and outer. Year 8 student

As the Headmaster has mentioned in his eNews over the past couple of weeks, we have been talking to the boys about their group goals and class at Secondary School. We also tell them a story as a way to ‘tune in’ to what matters.

This term, we have been talking about the ‘rainmaker so we thought we’d share it with you too:

Interestingly, rainmaker stories appear in lots of different cultures and across different times in history. The rainmaker (as a character) represents someone magical, someone who brings sustenance to the land, someone who brings change. In Australian dreaming, we have the story of Tiddalick – the huge frog who drains the land of water, a creature who only ends up giving back the water when he is made to laugh (by a platypus – a ‘ridiculous’ creature with the face of a duck, the body of a possum and the tail of a fish). It’s not hard to imagine what these stories are telling us in a metaphorical sense!

In our story, we spoke to the boys about a rainmaker encountered by an English explorer. In the story, the explorer is in a Chinese village. Of course, it hadn’t rained for some time and with stores running critically low, the villagers sent for a rainmaker. When the rainmaker (an elderly man) arrived, he simply stopped and looked around. He went an sat in a hut outside the village for three days. Then? Well, it rained!

Naturally, the explorer was surprised – how was this possible? He immediately sought out the rainmaker, and asked him. The rainmaker replied ‘I did not make it rain! Where I come from, there is order – it rains when it should and everything has a place. When I arrived here, everything was out of order. All I have done is gone out to this hut, sat down, and got myself in order.’

We then asked the boys what they thought the story was trying to teach us. They had so many, rich, profound and amazing responses (like the comment above) – too many to mention!

Our message has been – make sure that you pay attention to what is happening on the inside, because when you do, things also happen well for you on the outside.


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