From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

What it is to give light, must endure burning – Viktor Frankl

This week we have recognised and participated in Reconciliation Week. Through the work of our Indigenous mentor Nathan Lovett-Murray and our Indigenous and Cultural Development Coordinator James Hilditch, the boys have been able to explore historical aspects of this land and its peoples.

To be aware of our history from first nations to settlement, as well as the emergence of modern Australia, is vital knowledge not only our boys, but for every Australian.

For a young man to grow into a healthy member of our community, he must have a sense of his identity and purpose. Part of this is in understanding more broadly the context, views and values in which he lives and believes, as well as developing an understanding of his country.

This includes an awareness of key dates, events and happenings. He will need to understand what each meant at the time, and also what they now mean for us as Australians. To do so, is to understand the culture and civilisation that your son is stepping into, serving and ultimately shaping.

I welcome you to watch a webinar hosted by James and Nathan earlier this week, following the screening of ‘In My Blood It Runs’. The webinar features a Q & A session with Sarai Roe and Nathan Lovett Murray, who talk about their personal experiences, how the film relates to our school communities and what we can do to improve the outcomes for our First Nations children.

Parent Workshop Program – Webinar edition

We will continue to offer parent webinars this term.

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