From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

Handling the negative emotions

How many times have we laid down to sleep and replayed the day over in our minds, only to wonder if we could have done a little better? Maybe you were too cross with your son, maybe you spoke too quickly. As parents, we can then ruminate about better outcomes – but how do we improve the way that we handle emotions? Recently in the Harvard Business review, Seppala and Bradley wrote about this for leading teams. They argued there were two key points:

  1. Learn how to improve your emotional regulation by naming and identifying what you or others are feeling, being okay with awkwardness and waiting in conversations
  2. Practising ‘reappraisal’ where you look to see challenges as opportunities, where you look to see the problem (whilst difficult) as at least the ‘start’ of the solution (in that you’ve now got a clear picture of what is going on).

If you are interested in reading more, here is some further information on coping strategies






Dates for the diary

  • Tuesday 13 August Paul Dillon Parent Information Session; Teenagers, Alcohol and Other Drugs