From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

Developing and improving practice

As part of the ‘BGS Way’, we try to instil in the boys the principle of continuous improvement. In James Kerr’s book Legacy, he identifies how even the very best teams ‘change their game, when they’re at the top of their game’. This can be daunting, though – what if what we are doing works well? Why change? Where does one find renewal if one is always on the move?

Well, it’s really about having a growth mindset.

So, it was very pleasing that over the holiday period we hosted an international coaching institute at the new Annandale facility. Led by world-renowned coaching expert Dr Jim Knight (from the Instructional Coaching Group and the University of Kansas, USA), more than 60 people attended to learn about instructional coaching and how it improves teacher quality. Even more pleasing was that 30 Brighton Grammar staff gave up a week of their break to participate!  

As a result (and as some of you may have seen or heard), we had interest from the ABC, The Age and 3AW – all fascinated by the idea of using video to help teachers get a clear picture of how they teach.

We know that having teachers engaged as learners models to the boys that learning is continuous. In our Effective Learner model, we demonstrate that learning requires effort, time and motivation. How powerful it is, then, to have teachers modelling this process through coaching to the boys in their classes!


Motorbike Project

The boys from Years 8 to 12 have been hard at work with the Motorbike Project. The bike has now been stripped, and we’ve identified the parts needed and are starting the rebuild!

In completing the works, the boys have been lucky enough to work with Andrew Smith from the Department of Engineering from Monash University, who has been guiding them through the process.


We are fortunate in the Urwin Centre to host the boy’s iDesign works. Each day we are seeing more fantastic creations being set up near Reception. Make sure you take a moment (if you can at pick-up or drop-off) to swing by and look at the incredible designs.

Parent Workshop Program – Term 4

Preparations for our Term 4 Parent Workshop Program are now underway. Please see dates below for our workshop suite, along with links to book your place.

1. Engaging Adolescents

A workshop for parents of boys heading into adolescence (or in it).

This workshop will have a focus on building and establishing communication with your son as well as managing technology.

When: Thursday 1 November, 4–5pm
Where: Wellbeing Centre
How:  Book HERE

2. Teens and Technology

This workshop will have a focus on all things technology, including: managing technology at home, problems with engagement/disengagement, and issues around cyber-bcyber-bullyingng, inappropriate content and more.

When: Thursday 15 November, 4–5pm
Where: Wellbeing Centre
How: Book HERE

If there is an area of interest that you would like to suggest for future workshops or feedback you would like to give, we would love to hear your thoughts. Please email us at: