From the Head of Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

Buildings – of different kinds

One of the key strategic objectives for Crowther over the past couple of years has been to make strong links with experts. Geoff Masters AO (CEO of the Australian Council for Educational Research) developed a National Agenda for the improvement of schools in 2012, titled The National School Improvement Agenda.  In it, he highlighted the need for schools to enhance learning outcomes and to build school knowledge capacity. Therefore, whilst we need to make sure that we are focussed on developing best practice in the classroom and beyond, we also recognise that experts provide content, know-how, best practice and powerful networks for our boys to become involved in.

So what have we been doing at BGS to date?

We have worked on building the school culture with James Kerr, we have hosted two international research conferences (with high-level keynote speakers like Professor John Hattie) as well as now engaging with experts in boys’ emotional learning and positive masculinity (Dr Simon Rice from Orygen and Professor Dianne Vella-Broderick from the Centre for Positive Psychology).

Later this year, we are excited to host one of Australia’s first Coaching Institutes with Dr Jim Knight (from the University of Kansas). Jim is a legend in instructional coaching worldwide. Quite a number of our staff will be training in his methodology and engaging with other teachers in improvement. More details about Jim and the Instructional Coaching Institute are available here.

Crowther Events 

Semester 2 Workshop Program

Preparations are now underway for our Semester 2 Parent Workshop Program. As many of you would be aware, the two main workshops that we have run this semester have been in ‘Building effective learning environments at home’ (both in English and also now with a Chinese translator) and ‘Engaging adolescents’.

While dates and booking availability for our Semester 2 program will be released next week (please refer back to the Crowther Newsletter next Thursday for details), some of the topics we intend to address include: ‘Effective Learner, Part II – Building Deeper Routines’, ‘Engaging Adolescents’, ‘PROSPER for Parents’ as well as ‘Teens and Technology’.

If there is an area of need that you would like to suggest or any feedback you would like to give, we would love to hear your thoughts. Please email us at: