From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann


Schools provide much more life experience than merely academic education. As we head towards the end of the year, we are also now preparing for the new. As the saying goes – where there is an ending, there is also a new beginning.

As you can imagine, our school is currently at the commencement of much change for the boys. The Year 12s are completing their studies and preparing for life beyond the gate; our ELC 4 boys are preparing for the big leap into Prep; our Year 6 boys are transitioning into Year 7 and life in the Secondary School, and so on.

Each of these transitions represents change and is often seen as a developmental milestone. We recognise these milestones with changes of uniform, teachers and structures. But we also know that within a year level, there is a great range of maturity (emotional, physical and mental) between the boys and that one size only fits one (not all)! To this end, great time, care and effort are put into ensuring that transitions are smooth; we acknowledge and value the lessons from the old phase, foster resilience during the discomfort of change and, most importantly, build excitement about future potential. We wish all our boys a smooth transition as they take their next steps, and encourage them to seek out assistance from our staff if they have any difficulties or are feeling uneasy throughout the journey.


Steve Biddulph is coming to BGS!

World-renowned author of Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph will speak on:

  • how to raise sons who are kind, confident and safe
  • boys and school
  • the importance of dads
  • what single mums can do
  • the three stages of boyhood
  • boys and housework.

This life-changing seminar is unforgettably moving – and funny, too. 

Tickets will sell out so book yours now for Tuesday 21 May 2019 (7.30pm in the Robert Sanderson Centenary Hall).

Please note: We regret that babies and children cannot be admitted to the session.


Parent Workshop Program

Our workshop program has now concluded for the year.

If there is any subject that you would like to suggest for future workshops or feedback you would like to give, we would love to hear your thoughts. Please email us.