From the Head of Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann

The Effective Learner: At Home 

As you would have read in this week’s Word from the Headmaster, we’ve been working really hard to finalise the model of Effective Learning for our boys. Based on the latest research into what works best for student-learning outcomes, our model also incorporates some features that make it our own, including:

– boy-friendly, personalised language

– integration of the wellbeing and learning models

– straightforward instructions.

This model, along with one of the aspects of our ‘learning architecture’ (Learning Intentions and Success Criteria for teacher clarity), will be used in classes and groups from our youngest to eldest boys.

It may surprise you to learn that how many years of school you complete (rather than simply the results you achieve) is a very powerful indicator of life success (Hattie, 2018).This is one of the reasons that engagement in learning is a top priority. Further, psychologists have found that being engaged in something helps gives us a sense of purpose, and this, in turn, can lead to happiness.

The bottom line is that we want the boys to be engaged in their studies and activities at school because this will help prepare them for purposeful lives. As I’ve mentioned at the Parent Information Evenings, it is for this reason that we are really focusing in on the ‘ready to learn’ area of being an Effective Learner.

Quite often, I’m asked about parenting and how to set up the kinds of routines that can help shape a successful school/home life balance. Where does homework fit, how much technology is about right for my son (at the various ages and stages)? And how can I reinforce the language of learning at home? In other words: How can I make my home a supportive environment for an Effective Learner?

To this end, we are offering a workshop that explores the Effective Learner model and provides some suggestions as to how you might start to build some supportive routines into your home life. Bookings are strictly limited. To secure your place, please follow this link:

Should you have any thoughts or queries about our Crowther programs, please contact us:


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