From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann


At this point of the year, all boys across the School will be getting lots of information back on their performance. Reaching standards, exceeding standards or not making them can be an experience that is either rewarding or very challenging.

Irrespective of the outcome, making the ‘mark’ or the ‘grade’ can be emotionally charged. As staff, we are driven to provide feedback in the right way, at the right time and in the right place. Further, we make feedback personalised: it is tailored for your son and it should also contain a next step (with a reference to the learning architecture – that is, the standard).

In saying this, we know there is so much more than merely ‘making the grade’. As parents, one of the key values that we need to enable in our sons is resilience. According to Noble and McGrath (2011), resilience includes the capacity to ‘bounce back’ when you have made a mistake. It means being courageous when facing a challenge. This is taught as part of our Year 9 curriculum through the Effective Learner model.

When you ‘zoom out’ and look at learning, part of the learning is how to deal with challenge. This means working to avoid creating a fixed mindset that is not related to an outcome. For example, a student who perhaps has not done enough study receives a poor mark and concludes that he is ‘not that good’ at the subject. This happens more frequently than we might think.

Part of the parenting role is therefore to unpack the feedback together with your son, discussing, planning and helping him to really reflect on the key points and takeaways.  I wish you the very best in doing this over the next few weeks!


Steve Biddulph is coming to BGS!

World-renowned author of Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph will speak on:

  • how to raise sons who are kind, confident and safe
  • boys and school
  • the importance of dads
  • what single mums can do
  • the three stages of boyhood
  • boys and housework.

This life-changing seminar is unforgettably moving – and funny, too. 

Tickets will sell out so book yours now for Tuesday 21 May 2019 (7.30pm in the Robert Sanderson Centenary Hall).

Please note: We regret that babies and children cannot be admitted to the session.


Parent Workshop Program

Our workshop program has concluded for 2018.

I would like to especially thank our Crowther staff members for their work in preparing and presenting the parent workshop program, as well as to the many parents that came in to join the learning community at BGS! 

If there is any other area of interest that you would like to suggest for future workshops in 2019 or feedback you would like to give, we would love to hear your thoughts.  Please email us.