From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

Student Leadership

Higher purpose leads to higher performance and successful change begins with a values-based, vision-led, purpose driven mindset – and ends without it. (James Kerr, Legacy)

Student leadership is arguably one of the most beneficial experiences our boys can have while at school. Not only do they gain invaluable skills that last a lifetime, it also gives them a unique position to think big, exert their voice, act from a position of influence and make a difference. Success in leadership requires more than motivation; it also requires the boys to harness group talents, work smart and communicate well.

This year, Christian Machar (Head of Student Leadership Years 7–12) has been working with our student leadership team on three focus areas based on evidence-informed research: student leadership structure, development programs and student voice. Team members have worked on identifying their strengths, unpacking what it means to be a leader and various projects that have seen a positive culture change across the School.

Ultimately, we believe that a strong student voice has the potential to transform BGS. With the Legacy Project and the ‘As One’ campaign initiated by the boys, we are bearing witness to the empowerment of students on a daily basis and seeing an overall positive culture shift throughout the School.

To this end, the following article has been written by Christian Machar about everyday leadership.

Lollipop Moments

It’s a regular sight on Friday afternoons at the Urwin Centre gates: School Captain, Brad Marais, shaking boys’ hands as they depart and wishing them all the best for the weekend. No one asked Brad to do this; he simply says it is part of his goal to unite the school ‘As One’.

“Standing outside the gate allows me to get to know boys from the younger year levels, and hopefully show them they are as important to our School as any Year 11 or 12 may be.”

Similarly, the Year 8 House Captains visit the Year 7s every Tuesday and Friday during the end-of-day Academic Care. They set the agenda – from hearing ‘What Went Well’ during the day to handing out homework tips.

Leadership trainer Drew Dudley, who gave a TEDx Talk in 2010, calls these acts – in which we make someone’s life better by something we say or do – ‘lollipop moments’ or ‘everyday leadership’.

“It’s scary to think of ourselves as that powerful, frightening to think we can matter that much to other people,” says Dudley. He notes that we have an opportunity to redefine leadership beyond money and titles. “We need to redefine leadership as being about lollipop moments. How many of them we create, how many we acknowledge. How many of them we pay forward and how many we say thank you for.”

Christian Machar
Head of Student Leadership Years 7–12

Crowther Events

Parent Workshop Program – Term 3

Our workshop program for parents continues. Yesterday we hosted parents from across the School in a session about Teens and Technology. The workshop focussed on all things technology, including managing technology at home, problems with engagement/disengagement and issues around cyber-bullying, sexting, inappropriate content and more.

For the remaining Term 3 Workshops, please see dates below along with links to book your place. Places are strictly limited and are booking out fast. I would encourage you all to book your place now or risk missing out.  

Should you wish for Crowther to present or explore the best research available on a certain key topic, please contact us at:

1. Effective Learner Part II – Building Deeper Routines

This workshop is Part II in our Effective Learner series and best suited to those who have previously attended an Effective Learner workshop.

The workshop will continue to explore the Effective Learner model and look deeper into how to build routines into the home. It will also provide discussion on common issues faced by parents and strategies on how to combat these.

When:      Wednesday 29 August 7.00–8.00pm

Where:     Wellbeing Centre

How:         Book HERE


 2. PROSPER for Parents

A workshop for parents and guardians of boys from ELC to VCE.

The PROSPER model is our wellbeing framework at BGS and stands for: Positivity, Relationships, Outcomes, Strengths, Purpose, Engagement and Resilience.

This workshop will cover what the model is, how it is used at BGS and how can you implement the language and framework in your home.

When:      Wednesday 12 September 4.00–5.00pm

Where:    Wellbeing Centre

How:         Book HERE