From the Head of Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann

Late last term I wrote about new information regarding the future skills that may be required for employability, and some internal research that Google had done to look at profiling their employees (here). 

So, how are organisations and institutions starting to change to recognise the effect that technology and the new world is having on learning (not only at a school level but also tertiary)?

One of the changes that is starting to occur is the idea of micro-credentialing. Micro-credentials are a new approach to learning: they are usually delivered through online environments and are akin to ‘scouting badges.’ Essentially, the student completes a specific activity to develop a critical competency for their role and earns a micro-credential for it.  The positive aspects of this movement are that the credentials and training are agile, cost-effective and personalised. Further, they are about building competency. The criticisms, on the other hand, are that knowledge is interdependent; the ‘bigger picture’ influences the ‘smaller picture’, and learning is not a series of smaller units made up to be a bigger one (for instance, to be able to understand a context, you need to at least understand one other one!).

 Therefore, at a school level, according to the World Economic Forum (2015) we need to keep building the ways in which our boys learn. Fundamental to this is to focus on core ‘foundational literacies’ (literacy, numeracy, scientific literacy, financial literacy, cultural and civic literacy), as well as key competencies and character qualities.

Our School strategy, embodying the four essentials (playing, learning, creating and being), coupled with our Effective Learner model, focuses not only on the ‘what’ to learn, but also on preparing boys to ensure they are future-ready.


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