From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

Truth, beauty and goodness

Two years ago, the Crowther Centre completed some research looking at defining what our community meant by being a ‘successful man’. We surveyed approximately 800 people (staff, parents and boys) and received a range of words and statements. 

We then coded these responses and identified a number of patterns. We found that according to our community views, to be a ‘successful man’, an individual needed to be a caregiver (respectful, a person for others, a provider and so on), and that he needed to be creative (a problem-solver, resilient, able to think differently).

Some parents would be aware that it was this work that gave rise to using archetypes (the caregiver, the magician, the warrior and the sage) as a way to provide simple ‘maps’ for the boys to use when considering success. In other words, for a boy to be determined, brave and courageous he could consider the idea of being a warrior. That to achieve something, sometimes you have to train hard, make sacrifices along the way and go without. Or that to care for another and give (perhaps like Sir Weary Dunlop or Mother Teresa) is a great way to understand the principle of reciprocity. Importantly, all of the necessary good qualities lie within each boy; they just need to be amplified through story, experience and finding his voice.

As we head to the latter part of the semester, whether your son is in ELC learning through experience (in beach kinder), out on camp visiting the goldfields (Year 5) or completing semester tests and outcomes in the Secondary years, he is being challenged in different ways and learning about how to apply himself. With winter and fatigue setting in, he might need to go a bit deeper to find new pathways to continue to be successful.


Crowther Events 

Focus Groups

I would like to thank the BGSPG for their work in assisting us with running two focus groups this semester looking at engagement for mothers/sons as well as the role of community service. Whilst the School now needs to look at how we progress with this feedback in our programs, you can view a summary here.

Parent Workshop Program

Preparations are now underway for our Semester 2 Parent Workshop Program. As many of you would be aware, the two main workshops that we have run this semester have been in ‘Building effective learning environments at home’ (both in English and also now with a Chinese translator) and ‘Engaging adolescents.’

While we will let you know about bookings for the Semester 2 program shortly, some of the concepts we are developing include: ‘Dealing with difficult conversations with your son’ and ‘Identifying what behaviours might be annoying, but not critical to address’.

If there is an area of need that you would like to suggest, or if you are interested in attending future events, please email your thoughts and expressions of interest to

Alternatively, if you have any feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts. Please email us: