From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

Welcome back

Across the school it has been wonderful to have the boys return; whether it is a boy at the start of his journey saying ‘bye’ to mum or dad for his first day of Prep or the look of determination in the young men in Year 12 after Big Fella Camp.  One thing that remains constant, is that we are asking all of our students to have a big focus on engagement and being ‘ready to learn’.

Engagement and learning readiness is crucial. Engagement is closely linked to motivation (Fredericks et al., 2004) and has been shown to be a reliable predictor of academic outcomes (Noble & McGrath, 2016).

So, what is the school doing to improve the engagement of the boys?

Well, quite a lot. Firstly, we started measuring the engagement levels across the school about 12 months ago through our coaching program. From this, we have set clear goals for staff and the boys about the level of engagement expected (a minimum of complete engagement for 80% of time in class). Further to this, we having been continually revising our curriculum offerings to ensure that through the design of our curriculum, the boys can see the ‘big questions’ and links to real world outcomes and applications. Boys need to be prepared to apply themselves, but they also need a rich and stimulating classroom experience to engage in.

Our coaching program for the boys plays a key role in developing goals, a vital part of motivation (through autonomy and mastery). Having clear goals really helps the boys when the going gets a little tougher in learning.  The staff also have a professional coaching program, often with video to help each staff member provide equal access to all of the boys, their questions and development.

Additionally, we have revised the behaviour management process at the school: no boy is permitted to cut across the learning of another; each boy is accountable for his own actions within the classroom. Our academic culture: informed, unique and supportive is continuing to develop.

What can I do at home?

One of the best things that you can do if you are interested to know more is to come to a Crowther Parent Workshop. This term we will have: The Effective Learner at Home: Building Better Routines.

Also, please be in touch if there is an area of interest you have, if you have some feedback or would simply like to talk about our learning, wellbeing and research programs.



Parent Workshop Program – Term 1

The next Crowther Workshop is The Effective Learner at Home: Building Better Routines.

Date: Monday 25 February 2019

Time: 6pm

Please register for this event via