From the Head of the Crowther Centre – Dr Ray Swann 

Building routines

Last term, I wrote to you about the power of building routines. When things become part of a routine for a boy, life just seems that little bit easier for all concerned! Mostly gone are the negotiations around the perimeters and boundaries, and the routine can become an established pattern of behaviour. (Rather than ‘pushing back’ being a routine, the ‘way’ you wish to order the day or the process becomes the routine.)

Recently, Heather Miller wrote a great piece for the Harvard Graduate school of Education on a similar theme, ‘The Power of Evening Routines: How a predictable structure can help families gain quality time and reduce end-of-day frenzy’. Miller wrote the book Prime Time Parenting and in it, she looks at how you can set up a two-hour school-night routine for younger children. She recommends a time to chat, dinner, ‘homework hustle’ and then ‘book, bath and bed’. 

For older boys, routines are also a powerful way of organising something like examination preparation. For instance, in his work on Peak Performance, Dr Greg Wells recommends the following for a pre-examination routine:

Sleep: 10.30pm

Wake: 6am

Shower: Hot water, with 30 seconds cold. Bring all your stuff downstairs.

Breakfast: Eggs (3), avocado and green veggies. Water and green tea.

Travel: Drive to exam for 8.30am arrival

Pre-exam routine:

5–10 minute walk

Go inside 8.45am

Relax, breathe, count breaths. Sip water.

9.00am GO FOR IT!

Read more about Dr Wells’ work and his book The Ripple Effect.


Steve Biddulph is coming to BGS!

World-renowned author of Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph will speak on:

  • how to raise sons who are kind, confident and safe
  • boys and school
  • the importance of dads
  • what single mums can do
  • the three stages of boyhood
  • boys and housework.

This life-changing seminar is unforgettably moving – and funny, too. 

Tickets will sell out so book yours now for Tuesday 21 May 2019 (7.30pm in the Robert Sanderson Centenary Hall).

Please note: We regret that babies and children cannot be admitted to the session.

Parent Workshop Program – Term 4

Our workshop program for parents continues. Last week, we hosted parents from across the School in a session about Engaging Adolescents. The workshop focused on building and establishing communication between parent and son, as well as some tips on how to manage technology

Details about the remaining Term 4 workshops can be found below, along with the link to book your place. We hope to see you there!

Teens and Technology

This workshop will have a focus on all things technology, including: managing technology at home, problems with engagement/disengagement, and issues around cyber-bullying, inappropriate content and more.

When: Thursday 15 November, 4–5pm
Where: Wellbeing Centre
How: Book at our trybooking page

If there is any other area of interest that you would like to suggest for future workshops or feedback you would like to give, we would love to hear your thoughts