A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

‘Please just say you’re proud of me.’

As you would know, a key theme for 2019 at BGS has been engagement, with a particular focus on engagement in the classrooms but also engagement more broadly  engagement in the outdoors, on the stage and on the sporting field. Through our Crowther Centre, we have also been engaging parents via our Parent Workshops and Positioning Papers, and this will broaden further very soon when our podcast series is launched through Understanding Boys.

The above quote is the title of a recently released report from the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY). In this report, ARACY gained perspectives of young people on parent engagement and doing well at school. The full report is accessible here and whilst the four messages from the young people consulted might not be overly surprising to some, they do reinforce the need for parents to be supportive, encouraging and practical with advice.

As the executive summary in the report states, ‘the consultation confirms that, for most students, support from their parents and families is a key factor in them doing well at school and is an important foundation for their future.’

Have a good week and stay engaged.


From the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School – Peter Tellefson

Congratulations to Ollie Sutherland and Carter Russell who will be appointed School Officers at tomorrow’s Chapel service. All Year 6 boys continue to demonstrate leadership particularly through the buddy program and the example they set with their Prep and Year 1 buddies.

Our Year 6 boys enjoyed their trip to Canberra, and there were certainly many highlights. Canberra offers such a variety of educational programs focusing on Australia’s history, culture, science, sport, heritage and democracy. As the boys visited the various sites, many compliments were made to staff in regard to our boys’ presentation, knowledge and behaviour. I was also impressed with the boy’s depth of knowledge and excellent responses to questions they were asked throughout the trip.  I appreciate the overall coordination and leadership from Mrs Cathy Box, the great support from Mrs Monica Le Couteur, Mr Luke Fensling, Mr Rob Bater, Ms Joanne Davies, Mr Brent Brickhill, Mr Glenn Garland, Mr Stuart Thompson and Fr Chester Lord and to our Year 6 parents who gave of their time: Mrs Melanie Cory, Mrs Katrina Pels, Mrs Jenny Taylor and Mrs Leonie Vincent.  The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education.  To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion, we are fortunate the Government contributes funding under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs.


Junior School happenings and reminders

  • Our 2019 Choral Concert will be held on Tuesday 6 August, 7.00pm at St Andrew’s Church. All Junior Voices, Borwick House Choir and soloists will be performing. Boys are to wear their full winter uniform and need arrive at St Andrew’s by 6.30pm. Further details are available via School Stream.
  • The Year 3–6 Father/Son Activities Evening will be held on Thursday 15 August. Activities will commence in the classrooms at 5.45pm and conclude at 7.00pm. Our Prep–Year 2 boys will welcome their dads into the classroom for activities and to celebrate Fathers’ Day from 8.30am – 9.15am as below:

Prep – Wednesday 28 August
Year 1 – Thursday 29 August
Year 2 – Friday 30 August

  • All Prep – Year 6 boys are invited to dress up for the Book Week Parade on Friday 23 August. Boys can come to School or bring a costume based on the theme ‘Reading is My Super Power’.  They will parade their costumes in their year levels at a special assembly.


From the Director of the Early Learning Centre – Amelia Barrow

Ninja Warriors in the Early Learning Centre

Where does the time go with another week almost complete. The boys are loving the outdoor program and are especially enjoying our Ninja Warrior obstacle course designed by them! It’s amazing how engaged they can be when there are challenges in front of them with a supportive crowd. Even our littlest 3 year olds are climbing, jumping, swinging and balancing with the best of them. I’m looking forward to seeing where they will take it next.

We have had wonderful feedback from parents on the boys’ Individual Portfolios and appreciate the comments provided for future planning. It’s so lovely to see how far the boys have come from the beginning of the year. A reminder that if you haven’t yet returned the portfolio, to please hand them to your son’s classroom teacher.

The boys have been enjoying sport this week where we are focusing on football skills and team skills. Watching how far the boys have come from Term 1 where we couldn’t take the ELC3s out onto the oval (as it would take 15 minutes to round them back up) to now being at a stage where they are focused and following the rules of the games being played. Well done boys!

Our ELC4 boys have started Assembly in the Wellbeing Centre on Monday mornings. This provides us with a wonderful opportunity for classes to join together as a group and celebrate each other’s achievements with awards such as Respectful Ricky, Marvellous Mate and Worker of the Week. We also focus on a topic each week that we can promote for the year level. As our Assembly starts at 9.30am, we ask that boys arrive at School before 9.15am so we can walk over together. If you are running late, please feel free to meet us in the Wellbeing Centre (where we had our Art Gallery last Term).


This week’s parenting tip

Please click here for a guide on how to use family meetings to improve communication, cooperation and consistency, and to develop conflict resolution skills in your kids. 


Teaching and learning

Mathematics in Prep

Each Wednesday afternoon during APS sport time, Prep boys participate in Maths rotations where they engage in a number of hands-on Maths games to develop their number skills. Working in groups encourages mathematical dialogue between boys and their peers.

This week boys have been practising counting collections, ensuring automatic recognition of the numbers in a collection and recognise numerals that come before and after in a number sequence.

During Maths rotations, boys also continually practise writing numbers with correct directionality and starting points. Boys were challenged with writing numbers and counting by 2s. Super impressive for 5 year olds!

Samara Madden
Lower Primary Coordinator 

1 Heath boys are reaching for the stars

The Year 1 boys have been focusing on goal setting. They are learning to identify areas to improve and how to set themselves achievable goals for Semester 2. The boys started by identifying how they are currently tracking in English and Mathematics and reflecting on where they want to go next.

The boys were required to create a goal for English and Maths as well as setting a personal goal to focus on. Their goals needed to be a challenge for them, but also achievable within the semester. Finally, the boys then had to brainstorm the steps they would need to take to reach their goals.

Goal setting was also our wellbeing focus for the fortnight. The boys enjoyed reflecting on their own social and emotional strengths. This process gave them greater insight into how their actions impacted on their peers inside and outside the classroom. The aim of goal setting was to have the boys set themselves high standards that they could be held personally accountable for. It is positive to note that they have been striving hard to meet their goals.

Victoria Fisher
Year 1 Teacher

2019 is a Pink Dinner

Tickets selling fast


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