A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

Single Campus in Action

As I outlined in a recent Headmaster’s eNews, the School Council has resolved that BGS will remain a single campus school with student numbers to only increase marginally in the foreseeable future.

On Monday evening, it was a privilege to see a great example of our single campus approach come to life at the State Finals of the SSV Athletics. Here our three relay teams all took away the gold medal and the Victorian title with the 9-10 team breaking a 28 year old record along the way (see the Junior School eNews for more detail). This was a great effort and I was very pleased for our Junior School boys and staff, however I was equally pleased to see the small number of Year 7 and 8 boys there supporting the Junior School runners.

Each Friday morning, before school, for the past few months, these Year 7 and 8 boys have been coaching the Junior School relay teams with a particular focus on baton changes (a key aspect of relay racing I am reliably informed). This is just one example of our ‘big’ boys working with our ‘little’ boys: something much more possible at a single campus school. Add this to our coaching and mentoring program between Year 5 and 6 boys and Year 10 and 11 boys, our Outdoor Education Leadership Program and the informal mixing that goes on either side of New and Allee Streets, and I hope you can see why this is such a key element of our fabric.

Have a great week and enjoy the long weekend.


From the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School – Peter Tellefson

It is important we provide a variety of experiences to develop team skills amongst the boys.  In recent weeks we have had boys represent BGS in various teams in debating, chess, Year 3 and Year 5 Firbank activities, Relay for Life and athletics. These teams have experienced mixed success, but ultimately the result is not our major focus. We always remind our boys to give their best, work hard, support each other, listen to their teachers, accept advice and continue to challenge themselves.

Our Year 6 Debating team recently hosted girls from Loreto Toorak, and next week we have another Interschool Debate when we visit Trinity Grammar.  Boys from Years 5 and Year 6 competed in the Regional Chess semi-finals and just missed out on a place in the final 4 teams to compete in the State Championships.

On Monday, a number of Year 4, 5 and 6 boys competed in individual and relay events in the Victorian Primary School Athletics Championships, with our U10, U11 and U12 years relay teams all winning gold. It was particularly pleasing to see the teamwork amongst the relay teams: their changes were brilliant and the hard work the boys had put in at training was evident.  Mr Featherston has made mention of the boys’ success, I have no doubt the influence of our Year 7 and 8 boys  Oliver Goodger, James Bourke, Zach Bowen and Jonah Campigli had on our relay teams contributed to taking a clean sweep on the track.

Last weekend our Outdoor Education staff provided the opportunity for our Year Six boys and their Dads to have a Father/Son white water rafting weekend on the Mitta Mitta river. The weekend was most successful, with the boys and dads enjoying canoeing, low ropes, bush cooking and some father/son reflective time. The feedback we have received from those who participated was overwhelmingly positive, and I appreciate the work and support of Mr David Gemmell and Mr Nathan O’Malley for facilitating this opportunity.

At the end of the year we say farewell and extend our best wishes to a number of staff who are departing Wilson House, Mr Tim Medlyn is relocating to Morning Peninsula, Ms Sarah Marian is moving to Ocean Grove, Mr Ben Ryan is returning home to Brisbane and Mrs Emily Beaton has resigned from her full time role to spend more time with her family.  We thank Tim, Sarah, Ben and Emily for their continued commitment to the boys in their care and wish them well for the future.


Junior School Happenings and Reminders

  • Our 2018 Prep boys spent their second Orientation Morning with us today. It is always an exciting time, and a reminder that the new year is fast approaching, as our youngest boys commenced the next stage of their schooling. Many of our boys ‘crossed the car park’ from ELC4 and enjoyed their morning activities.
  • Last Friday we celebrated World Teachers’ Day. Our boys are fortunate in many ways, and I appreciate the excellent commitment our teachers show to the boys in their care at Wilson House. Thank you to the many parents who acknowledged the work of our staff, your generosity was well-received.


Student Achievements

Congratulations to:

  • U/12Yrs 4x100m Relay team – Kyle Roos, Harry George, Elden Zeng, Lennox Hofmann and Cade Segar (Reserve)
  • U/11Yrs 4x100m Relay team – Harvey O’Sullivan, Harrison Gibbins, Seb Khan, Edward Mitrevski and Will Rattray (Reserve)
  • U10Yrs 4 x 100m Relay team – Ed Hutchison, Jody Cripps, Seb Naccarella, Jake Ring and Luca New (Reserve) who achieved outstanding gold medals and Jody Crips placing 5th in the U10 100m and qualifying for Nationals, Seb Naccarella placing 4th in U10 Long Jump, Edward Mitrevski placing 6th in U11 Long Jump and Jerry Zheng placing 9th in U12 Shot Put. Thank you to Mr Ryan for his coaching and management of the team, and to all parents for your continued support during the Athletics season.

Maths competitions play a key role in motivating students to perform and excel and allow talented students the opportunity to showcase their skills. We celebrate the success of all participants, in particular, these highly able students.

  • ICAS Maths
    High Distinction – Oska Jacob, Quinn Wang, Lucas Judah, Thomas Zhuang, William Tan, Matheus Judah, Thomas Dunne, Charlie Sabin, Michael Cui, James Tan
    Distinction– Ethan Davis, James Lipovetsky, Hamish Mc Causland, Will Hutchison, Murphy Zeng, Lucas Barwood, Luca New, Lewis Porteous, Jackson Zhao, Hugh Hasker
  • Maths Olympiad
    Year 6 – James Tan (perfect score), Jackson Chen (encouragement award)
    Year 5 –  Thomas Dunne
    Year 4 – Matheus Judah
  • Australian Maths Trust Competition 
    High Distinction – James Tan, Michael Cui
  • ASX Sharemarket Game – Gus Calder

Chess is a popular game in the Junior School with many boys taking the opportunity to play. Chess matches require fast thinking, problem-solving, focus and learning to be calm under pressure. Matheus Judah, Declan McCormack, James Tan, Lachlan Kwong and Harry George qualified for a zone semi-final and valiantly played 7 back-to-back matches each against very talented opponents. BGS finished 8th overall against 21 schools. House chess is still underway with over 140 boys taking part from Year 3 to 6. There have been some exciting heats and we look forward to announcing the champion chess players for each year level in the next few weeks.

Congratulations to the following boys in Years 4 to 6 who will be presented with Semester Two Effort Cards for Physical Education and Religious Education at tomorrow’s Assembly in the G. B. Robertson Hall at 12.30pm.

  • Physical Education – Luke Ferdinands, Sandro Macnab, Will Saadie, Bowen Ke, Luca New, Shau-En Usher, Daniel Cameron, Hugo Richey, Nicky Robertson, Elden Zeng, Angus Roberts
  • Religious Education – Joe Lewis, Angus Beaton, Jinheon Kim, Thomas Dunne, Huw Thomas, Charlie Sabin, Rishi Mahendranathan, Sam Trainor, Oskar Andersen, Elden Zeng, Andrew McGregor


From the Director of the Early Learning Centre – Amelia Barrow

Celebrating our little athletes in the Early Learning Centre

This week has had a wonderful sporty feel about it! Our ELC Sports morning celebrations on Tuesday was blessed with wonderful weather and energetic supporters which included our parents, siblings and grandparents on the Junior School oval. How lucky we are to have the School’s facilities on offer to promote and extend the boys’ development and growth. The boys proudly came together in their mixed teams in our playground, and the team spirit was pulsating as we waited to open the gate and unleash our little athletes to the roaring crowd.

Each team had named their group as we cheered on the green cucumber, purple pelicans, red roosters, yellow quack quacks the super stripes, white marshmallow men, the all blacks, and the blue sharks. With their warm up lap helping any nerves disappear, the teams approached their first activity station. Our athletes competed enthusiastically across 8 activity stations whilst parents enjoyed some old school tunes to keep the energy levels pumping. With our traditional parents’ race being a highlight, the boys were able to cheer on the grownups as they tried to pass an orange under their chin in a relay race! Well done to our Mums as we had to keep a close eye on the Dads’ handover techniques. The boys all received their own medal and were treated to a cool icy pole at the end of the day. What a wonderful way to acknowledge their hard work throughout the year in their Physical Education classes with Mrs Clarke.

With Cup weekend upon us, a friendly reminder that the Centre is closed for program only and 38 week long day care boys. Miss Davy will be coordinating a holiday program for the 48 week enrolled boys on Monday.

November is our busiest month and we ask that you check the Term calendar for all events. We have Christmas pageant rehearsals, Term 4 Parent Teacher interviews, Prep Transition Statements, ELC4 Intensive Swimming Week, and our 2019 Welcome morning on Saturday 24 November (more information to come).

We would like to wish you all a wonderful long weekend and can’t wait for all the excitement ahead for the remainder of this term.


Teaching and Learning

Clay in the Art room

The boys in every year level from ELC to Year 6 enjoy working with clay. In the Junior School, we are fortunate enough to have our own kiln. The skills involved in the Pinch Pot, Coil and Slab methods are gradually built up with the boys creating different items each year. For example, in Prep this year, the boys used all these methods to create a cup and saucer accompanied by a fancy donut all made from clay, which they loved decorating. In Year 2, the boys made a secret container with a lid, disguised as a stack of pancakes. Some even had strawberries on top. In Year 5, medieval castles were created with the boys continuing to focus their efforts on joining the clay carefully so that it survives the drying process before being placed in the kiln. The culmination of all these skills is in Year 6 when the boys work alongside Anastasia Nikakis, an artist, to create their final Year 6 piece of sculpture, a bust on a stand. This piece may be a self-portrait or may have some crazy elements added to the face, the choice is up to the boys. Each term when “Clay Fortnight” is announced, the boys scramble to get their smocks and their tables set up for clay work.


Relay for Life 2018

On the October 20 and 21, 52 people from Brighton Grammar School participated in Relay for Life (a charitable event aimed at raising money for cancer research). The challenge was to have a baton continually circle a track for 24 hours straight. There were many different events throughout the night. For example, the candlelight ceremony, the onesie hour and the lip-sync battle. Before the event started all of the teams had raised money for Relay for Life. BGS was the top donator with a total of $19,015. An outstanding amount of money beating the previous BGS record of $16,000. Thank you to Mr Fensling for organising this amazing opportunity for all the boys. This would not be possible without his hard work.

By Felix Wolfe

On the 20 and 21 of October many boys at BGS participated in Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a fundraiser for the Cancer Council and every year many boys and girls run around an oval for 24 hours. There were so many boys from BGS that no one needed to stay for the whole 24 hours. I did 8 hours, I did the 4 to 8 and 12 to 4 timeslots. It was really good because a lot of BGS boys showed up so you didn’t actually have to run for your 4 hour slot. Brighton Grammar School made a baton that had to be moving the whole 24 hours. My favourite thing was probably the lip sync battle because of all the amazing talent. Not only was there a lip sync battle there were so many more activities like onesie hour, opposite gender dress up, candlelight ceremony and many more. I really hope next year’s boys participate in it because it will be a time they will never forget!

By Aidan Williams


Internet addiction

Visit the SchoolTV link for information on: setting the boundaries of internet use; is there such a thing as internet addiction & how do I know if my child has a problem; who is most ‘at-risk’ for developing an internet addiction; what parents can do if their child’s internet use seems excessive.


JPG News

Family Fun Night

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Wristbands will also be available for purchase at the entrance on the day.


Tea Towel Fundraiser

Remember to order your 2018 Tea towel by 10pm on Thursday 1 November. Two tea towels are available – an ELC Tea Towel (ELC 3 & ELC 4) and a Junior School Tea Towel (Prep – Year 6).  Order at our trybooking link.


Christmas Pudding and Cake Fundraiser

The JPG and Mandi’s Kitchen are delighted to offer you a superb range of homemade Christmas Puddings and Christmas Cakes just in time for Christmas.  Final orders for Christmas puddings and cakes to be received by Friday 2 NovemberOrder at our trybooking link.