A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

The School continues to monitor the ongoing situation relating to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This week, I wrote to families with updates on the School’s position regarding COVID-19 and travel, and the precautionary measures we have put in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of our students.

Further to these communiques, we are now assessing a number of school-related events that fall outside the normal day-to-day operations and whether these events will continue, be cancelled or postponed. The principles we are applying here include limiting large numbers of people coming together for a prolonged period of time in close contact whose history/background/health status we are unsure of.

Parents and students will be informed by the relevant senior BGS staff member of such cancellations or postponements. Please stay abreast of these decisions via email, School Stream and/or our website.

A key focus this week has been preparing for a possible school shutdown. To that end, can parents please take note of this Junior School checklist in English and Chinese to ensure your home is ready for the online learning we will deliver should we close.

It is important to note that our priority with regards to the online learning will be with our Year 12 students; however we will have online learning for all boys across the school.

All boys have been advised to take their books home from today and tomorrow in case of a sudden closure. Further details on our online delivery will be sent if a school closure does eventuate.

A reminder of the measures that we have in place include:

  • Reminding the boys to adopt hygiene protocols at school including correct washing of hands, and covering nose and mouth when sneezing. Hand shaking at BGS has been banned.
  • Seeking parent support to keep unwell boys at home, and advising your son’s Head of School of any absence
  • Reviewing Australian Government advice regarding overseas and interstate excursions and communicating any program changes to families on a case by case basis

This is a rapidly changing situation and we will continue to monitor it carefully and provide updates (you will also be alerted of these via School Stream). I will continue to communicate with you via email where necessary.


From the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School – Peter Tellefson

A strong sense of belonging and connectedness has a positive effect on boys’ self-esteem and confidence. Our Outdoor Education Program, House System and the Buddy Program are opportunities, over and above the pastoral support, from which our boys gain from their day-to-day classroom experiences.

As this term has progressed, I hope that our boys feel good about themselves as they have a strong sense of belonging at School. My daily ‘meet and greet’ before School is a fantastic and most enjoyable start to my day, in fact, it is prioritised in my calendar to be on the yard at the start and end of each day.

I enjoy the opportunity to chat with the boys, asking them about their weekend, how their class work/homework is going, what sport they are playing, or what they have to present at ‘show and tell’, I hope it also enhances the boys’ sense of connection at Wilson House. 

Our Buddy System, involving all boys from ELC to Year 6, is an important part of the boys’ experiences at Wilson House. Our Buddy Program focuses on the values of friendliness, respect, responsibility, caring, including others and valuing difference. 

It is always rewarding to see the many positive interactions the boys experience in the classroom and on the playground. I hope you have already had positive conversations at home in regard to ‘buddies’.


Student Achievements

Congratulations to the following Year 6 boys who will be appointed to leadership positions at tomorrow’s Assembly:

Technology Monitors – Alex Hill, Flynn Quill, Thomas Sloane

Sport Monitors – Oliver Chernikeeff, Will Church, Jack Curwood, Joe Lewis, Ed Hutchison, Zac Mongey, Will Naughton, James Paltoglou, Leo Reeve, Dominic Todarello

Science Monitors – Luca Cleret, Curtis Fyfe, Will Hutchison, Riley Luong, Will Nicholls


Junior School Happenings and Reminders

  • The first ‘Ute Full of Food’ for this year will be held on Friday, 20 March in support of St Mark’s Anglican Church in Fitzroy. The Ute will leave the Junior School at 9.00am for St Mark’s, where food will be distributed to needy families. Items particularly requested are: breakfast cereals, sugar, jams and spreads, pasta and pasta sauce, rice, noodles, biscuits, tins of vegetables, fruit and fish, meals-in-a-can, toilet paper, and bathroom supplies. Ring-pull cans are preferable. Our generosity is certainly appreciated.


From the Director of the Early Learning Centre  Amelia Barrow

Respectful learners

How lovely it was to have the boys bursting to be back after the long weekend. We were so excited to hear of their weekend adventures – you certainly do jam pack your weekends by the sounds of it.

Teaching respect is an integral element to the ELC curriculum, and guiding the boys’ behaviours to show respect to their peers and teachers is key to this. As we have developed a super hero character called Respectful Ricky, the boys identify what character traits we need to be a respectful person. It always amazes me how engaged boys become once they know there are super heroes involved.  

A reminder that your son’s morning tea needs to be provided in a separate container to his lunch box. This helps reduce the stress of the boys as they eye off their yummy lunch at morning tea time. Our morning tea brain food should consist of healthy options such as fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, cheese and crackers. Any treats will be given to the boys at lunchtime, to reduce the sugar highs. 


Teaching & Learning

The Energized Guyz and the Battery Bandit

Today students in Prep – Year 2 were visited by The Energized Guyz and the Battery Bandit! The boys were enthralled watching Nikki Neutron as she tried to stop a serious battery recycling crisis and change the careless ways of the instigating culprit, Dr Never Ready.

The boys were shocked to find out about how often we use batteries on a daily basis; from driving to school in the morning to using their iPad for IXL Maths. Batteries are everywhere! There were four main takeaways from the performance

  1. Batteries are a container used to store electricity
  2. Try to use rechargeable batteries as opposed to single waste batteries
  3. Never put your old batteries in the yellow lid recycling bin
  4. Bring your old batteries to school to ensure they are recycled properly

You will now notice some special battery recycling containers at reception and in some of our Prep 2 classrooms. Don’t let Dr Never Ready triumph again. Do your bit and RECYCLE IT!

Samara Madden
Prep Kurrajong Teacher


This week’s parenting tip

Future-proofing your child

BGS parents have access to a free upcoming webinar on 18 March from 8.00–9.00pm by award-winning speaker and bestselling author, Nikki Bush. In this webinar, Nikki teaches parents what to expect and how to support their kids to thrive in a future world of work.

Key learning and discussion points include: key trends that are changing the world; frameworks for future-proofing children; highlighting the x-factors for success; explaining the role of schools in a changing world; and helping parents to set realistic and relevant parenting goals.

Register for the webinar here then ‘add to cart’, then click ‘view cart’. Enter the voucher code FUTURE and click ‘apply coupon’. Enter the school’s name to verify your eligibility and your discount of $37 will then be applied to the order. This voucher is valid until 18 June 2020.

If you are unable to make the scheduled time you can simply register and access the recording later. Click ‘proceed to checkout’ and fill in your account details. These are the details you will use to login to your account and access your parenting material. Then click ‘place order’.


JPG News

End of Term Lunch
The JPG will again be offering an end of term lunch for the ELC and Junior School boys on Friday 27 March 2020. 

Lunch will include a burger, juice and Kit Kat and the cost will be $7.50.  Additional burgers can be ordered for $3.00 each and vegetarian options are available. 

Online ordering is available through Flexischools ordering system.  Orders must be placed by no later than end of day Friday 20 March at 5.00pm. Please note late orders cannot be accepted.

Our normal canteen ordering will not be available on this day. See further details.


Dates for the diary

  • Friday 20 March Ute Full of Food