A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

It seems a tradition now that we close out Term 3 by participating in Connor’s Run. Now in its seventh year, it was again a pleasure for BGS to be involved in this remarkable charity fun run last Sunday, helping to raise funds for the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation’s support of brain matters.

As always with Term 3, it has been a busy, challenging and successful 10 weeks across the whole school. Whether it was the ELC boys celebrating Book Week and Pyjama Day, or the Year 12s completing four hours of study at school at Saturday Syndicate sessions, the diversity of activity across this term has been extraordinary. At an individual level, I hope each BGS boy has progressed this term academically, socially, spiritually and personally.

I thank everyone in the BGS community for the completed term and I wish everyone a safe and restful term break. I look forward to welcoming the boys back on Tuesday 8 October.


From the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School – Peter Tellefson

Music has certainly been a focus and highlight for us all in recent weeks. It is such a rewarding experience to see the boys ‘shine’, and they do so regularly. I know as staff and parents we are so often filled with pride and admiration for the boys of Wilson House, this is certainly the case with those who have performed in Choral, Strings and Concert Band ensembles.

The Year 6 boys certainly shined in Singin’ in the Rain Jr last week. The ‘shine’ I talk about isn’t from the glare of stage lighting as it bounces off the stage make-up and glittery costumes, it is the ‘shine’ that comes from within. It is the ‘shine’ that the boys bring to all of their school endeavours. The boys are learning that hard work pays off. They learn that teamwork and practice lead to success. They learn that what you bring to your work is as important as what you take from it. They experience that learning is fun. This was evident during the performance of Singin’ in the Rain Jr and I congratulate and thank the Year 6 boys for ‘shining’ once again.

The choral work, choreography, stage movement, costumes, sets and props all came together to ensure outstanding performances were enjoyed by all. We need to remind ourselves that we were entertained by 11 and 12 year olds. Congratulations to Karla Nyhuis (Firbank Grammar) for her excellent planning, preparation and leadership as Director, to Hayley Blakiston as Assistant Director, Cathy Box, Luke Fensling, Rob Bater, Monica Le Couteur and Jessica Taylor and Laura Brown (Australian School of Performing Arts) for their support. Also a special mention to Leonie Vincent and Rhonette Lipovetsky for their costume coordination together with their sewing team Sinead Horton, Angela Porteous and Fiona Thomas. The  boys’ enjoyment was obvious and they will have fond memories of their experiences on the stage. Congratulations to all boys, girls, staff and to the many parents, families and ELC to Year 5 ‘buddies’ of Wilson House for supporting the show.

Thank you to all staff, boys and parents for your efforts this term, enjoy a well-deserved break and, for those still interested or have an invested interest, may the best team win!


Junior School happenings and reminders

  • Last week was the final round of Term 3 APS Sport, congratulations to all boys for their level of performance, participation and sportsmanship throughout the term. Thank you to Glenn Garland who coordinates our involvement, and to those staff members who coached teams. Our APS Sports on offer in Term 4 are Athletics, Touch Football, Golf, Lawn Bowls and Badminton.
  • Term 3 Interim Reports will be available to parents for all Prep to Year 6 boys from today. These reports do not assess achievement, but focus on attitude, effort and the development of various personal and social skills. These reports will be available online.
  • Friday 20 September will be the final day of Term 3. The following is an outline of the day:

    8.50am – Chapel/Assembly – Prep to Year 6

    11.10am – Free time Winning House

    12.15pm – JPG Lunch – NO Tuck shop orders available

    1.30pm – Tabloid Sports – boys wear their Sports uniform with House polo 

    3.20pm – Normal dismissal

  • As marked in the Date Card, classes conclude for Term 3 this Friday 20 September at 3.20pm. The first day of Term 4 is Tuesday 8 October 2019 when classes resume at 8.30am. All boys from ELC to Year 6 are to wear their Summer uniform.


Student Achievements

  • Well done to the number of boys who participated in our recent lunchtime Instrumental Concert on Tuesday. Congratulations to Matvey Kononchuk, Jethro Roussety, Daniel Cameron, Shau-En Usher, Jared Thomas, Sebastian Liddle, Jack Epstein, William Tan, Aashvik Sareen, James Morten, Lachie Reid, Ed Hutchison, Frank Zhou, Andrew Liu, Charles Wettenhall, Luke Connolly and Rob Xu and thank you to Hayley Blakiston for her organisation and to the parents who were able to support their sons.
  • Congratulations to the following boys who will be presented with Term 3 Effort Cards at this week’s End of Term Assembly at 9.20am in St Andrew’s Church:

Prep Fivedale

Cale Donald, Ryan Qiu, Louis van Jaarsveld

Prep Kurrajong

Max Booth, Harley Chan, Joseph Li

1 Banksia

Huey Bastone, Tom Saadie, Kyle Wang

1 Heath

Charlie Auditore, Rupert Clancy, Ethan Liang

2 Acacia

William Husband, Jaiden Stokie, Luciano Persoglia

2 Waratah

Kevin Lin, Alex Rekusz, Victor Ying

3 Burke

George Cozens, Leo Lin, Jaska Maher

3 Wills

Harper Cunnington, Matthew Keenan, Hudson Vassallo

4 Bass

Fred Denning, Luke Lawrence, Marco Zhou

4 Cook

Zebi Graham, Andrew Liu, Eason Ma

4 Flinders

Mitchell Carney, Charlie Denning, Oscar Liu

5 Argyle

John Hall, Zac Murphy, Henry Thomas

5 Melville

Harry Eyers, Alex Hill, Caelan Mackay

5 Scott

Joseph Lewis, Zac Mongey, William Nicholls

5 Zachariah

Oliver Chernikeeff, Xavier Chepurov, Oscar Whitelegg

6 Discovery

Addison Amor, Billy Burgess, Josh Fletcher

6 Endeavour

Will Bennett, Thomas Dunne, Alex Gao

6 Investigator

Tom Fischer, Harvey O’Sullivan, Carter Russell

6 Resolution

Ollie Sutherland, Will Rattray, Andrew Zhang


From the Early Learning Centre 

The ELC has Footy Fever!

The ELC Footy Day is that one day in September we all look forward to, with the ELC boys in their favourite footy team colours ready to train with the BGS First Footy Team. First were the warm up exercises, just like the real footy players.  The ELC footy stars learned how to handball, kick for goal, wave the goal flags, run fast and take a ‘specky’ mark. Then they watched the big boys go through some real training drills.  How lucky we are to belong to the BGS community. Watching the senior boys interact with the ELC boys on footy day was truly special. The senior boys were so engaged with the little ones, encouraging them every step of the way and were wonderful role models. Go Tonners!      

I wish the Program boys and families a happy and safe holiday and all the best to the Long Day Care Boys for a fun and adventure filled holiday program.


This week’s parenting tip –  Blended Families

Blended or stepfamilies come in all shapes and sizes. Today, the term ‘blended family’ is more commonly used as opposed to ‘step’ family.  Although their original meanings differ slightly, both terms are used interchangeably today. This is mostly due to some of the negative connotations associated with fairytale characters such as the evil stepmother or stepsister.

The blended family is the fastest growing family dynamic in the world, with one in five families now being a ‘step’ or ‘blended’ family. However, when families ‘blend’, it rarely progresses smoothly. Some children resist change, and parents become frustrated when the new family doesn’t function in the same way as the previous one. For many step-parents, the greatest challenge lies in determining what their role is within the family. The process can be both rewarding and challenging.

Children affected by the union of a new couple may not be excited at the prospect of becoming part of a new family. Although blending families requires adjustment and patience from everyone involved, in this edition of SchoolTV, parents will be given some guidelines of real expectations that can help their new family work through the growing pains. Click here to view.


Teaching and learning

Singin’ In The Rain Jnr

On two spectacular nights last week, the Year 6 cast from BGS and FGS presented the musical Singin’ In The Rain Jr. Hilarious situations and snappy dialogue had the audience in fits of laughter.  The singing and dancing was brilliant as all students shone! 

In asking some boys to reflect on the experience, the teamwork, joy and learning that has taken place over the last term was evident. It has certainly been a highlight in their last year in the Junior School.

‘I enjoyed standing in front of all those people and performing something that we had worked so hard on, it was the most amazing feeling. I just wish we had more than two performances.’ – Harry Heaselgrave

‘The costumes, make-up and props were outstanding. I loved hanging out with the Firbank girls and learning how to act as someone else. I really enjoyed being part of this musical.’ – Fletcher Brougham

‘I really enjoyed the acting and pleasing a crowd. I made lots of new friends, it was a fantastic experience’- Harry Young

‘I loved bringing one of the best movies to the stage. I really enjoyed being Don Lockwood, it was a great experience.’ – Isaac Pels

Hayley Blakiston
Head of Junior School Music


JPG News

Save the Date – Family Fun night – Friday 22 November


Dates for the Diary

  • Thursday 19 September BGS Pink Dinner is TONIGHT! Have fun!
  • Friday 20 September Term 3 concludes
  • Tuesday 8 October Term 4 commences