A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston


In discussions about Brighton Grammar and what makes it stand out, the term ‘community’ always comes up. On Sunday, we witnessed a great example of what community looks like. The cold, wet and windy weather gave way to brilliant sunshine for the sixth staging of Connor’s Run. ‘Team BGS’ – runners, volunteers, supporters – came together with other communities and helped raise over $1 million to assist in the fight against brain cancer in children. We’re proud to continue to play a part in this amazing community event.

Last week, ‘community’ was manifest at the 50 Years On Reunion, where Old Boys who left BGS over 50 years ago came together. Old Boy and BGS Hall of Famer Peter Harvey (OB 1957) spoke with great passion about the strong sense of community that BGS maintains, in part due to our single campus and relatively small size.

The School Council has recently resolved that BGS will remain a single-campus school, with student numbers to increase only marginally in the foreseeable future. This will enable us to retain our powerful sense of community, and to ensure that each boy is ‘known’ and feels that he belongs. Within this culture of community, we are in a position to deliver the best education to our boys.

I thank everyone in the BGS community for the efforts that have gone into Term 3 and I wish everyone a safe and restful break. We look forward to welcoming the boys back on Tuesday 9 October.

From the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School – Peter Tellefson

Music has certainly been a focus and highlight for us all in recent weeks. It is such a rewarding experience to see our boys ‘shine’, and they do so regularly. I know as staff and parents we are so often filled with pride and admiration for the Junior School boys.

The Year 6 boys certainly shone in Once on this Island Jr last week. The ‘shine’ I talk about isn’t the type that comes from the glare of stage lighting as it bounces off the stage make-up and glittery costumes. It is the shine that comes from within. It is the shine that the boys bring to all of their school endeavours. The boys are learning that hard work pays off. They are learning that teamwork and practice lead to success. They are learning that what you bring to your work is as important as what you take from it. They’re discovering that learning is fun. This was evident during the performance and I congratulate and thank the Year 6 boys for ‘shining’ once again.

The choral work, choreography, stage movement, costumes, sets and props all came together to ensure outstanding performances. We need to remind ourselves that we were entertained by 11- and 12-year-olds. Congratulations to Jared Furtado for his excellent planning, preparation and leadership as Director; to Hayley Blakiston as Assistant Director; to Cathy Box, Luke Fensling, Hamish Leahy and Monica Le Couteur for their support; and to Brigitte McGregor and Nikki Rivett for their coordination of the costumes. Our boys’ enjoyment was obvious and they will have fond memories of their experiences on the stage. Congratulations to all boys, girls, staff and to the many parents, families and the ELC to Year 5 ‘buddies’ of Wilson House for supporting the show.

Thank you to all staff, boys and parents for your efforts this term. Enjoy a well-deserved break and, for those still interested or who have a vested interest, may the best team win!

Junior School Happenings & Reminders

  • Term 3 Interim Reports will be available to parents of all Prep to Year 6 boys from today. These reports do not assess achievement; instead, they focus on attitude, effort and the development of various personal and social skills. These reports will be available online via the Synportal. 
  • Tomorrow is the final day of Term 3. The following is an outline of the day:
    8.50am – Chapel (Prep to Year 6)
    10.00am – Free time Winning House
    11.20am – Assembly
    12.20pm – JPG Lunch (Please note there are NO Tuckshop orders available)
    1.30pm – Tabloid Sports (Boys can wear their sports uniform/House polo shirt)
    3.20pm – Normal dismissal
  • As marked in the Date Card, classes conclude for Term 3 on Friday 21 September 2018 at 3.20pm. The first day of Term 4 is Tuesday 9 October 2018, when classes resume at 8.30am. All boys from ELC to Year 6 are to wear their summer uniform.
  • Details for the following Term 4 activities/events are provided on School Stream:
    Prep – Year 6 House Athletics Carnival – Friday 12 October
    Year 4 Young Warriors Camp – Friday 9 November

Student Achievements

Congratulations to the following boys, who will be presented with Term 3 Effort Cards at this week’s End-of-Term Assembly at 11.20am in the G. B. Robertson Hall:

Prep Fivedale Max Liu, Ollie Rodd, Kyle Wang
Prep Kurrajong Marco D’Assisi, Lucas Kokkinos, Brandon Marks
1 Banksia William Husband, Jack Stretch, Justin Tan
1 Heath Harold Liu, Luciano Persoglia, Dante Salvo
2 Acacia Oliver Chen, Marlow Dipietrantonio, Tom Pollock
2 Waratah Xavier Bates, Evan Constable, Harper Cunnington
3 Burke Mitchell Carney, Henry Morandi, Ruben Retief
3 Wills Fred Denning, Austin Saleh, William Tan
4 Bass Xavier Chepurov, Ned Overend-Stevens, Austin Taleb
4 Cook Angus Beaton, Eli Botha, William Nicholls
4 Flinders Bolin Chen, Will Hutchison, Jinheon Kim
5 Argyle letcher Brougham, Luke Connolly, Harvey Newstead
5 Melville Will Bennett, Conrad Retschko, Noah Walton
5 Scott Jarvis Rowe, Charles Williams, Jackson Zhao
5 Zachariah Ned Bailey, Lucas Barwood, Lachie Taylor
6 Discovery William Barton, Oliver Chang, Gabriel Pozo
6 Endeavour Byron Bennett, Josh Carr, Tom Hollway
6 Investigator Jackson Fitzpatrick, Felix Wolfe, Charlie Wood
6 Resolution Tom Graham, Andrew McGregor, Cade Segar


Footy Week in the ELC

As we move into the last week of term, the building is busy with all things football. Football colours are carefully being painted within lines as the boys complete both big and little football characters to adorn the rooms. Footy Day on Thursday was a highlight for all. It is wonderful to have the older boys in the school take time out from their busy day to share their skills with the next generation of would-be Dustin Martins.

The quilts hanging in the foyer represent a mapping project of our beach visits over the last two terms. Each time, we attended we discovered a new area that had to be added to the busy fabric map. There is a true sense of ownership of their local area among the boys. Each area has been named and the boys plan their visit prior to leaving depending on the weather and the current area of interest.

The magnificent magpie mural on display in the foyer has been created by the Wombat group. It came about in response to the observations of magpies nesting out the front. The detail in the individual feathers shows patience and control from some of the youngest boys. A lovely Indigenous story about ‘Mad Magpie’ has also added to this interest. 

There are no tuckshop orders this Friday due to the JPG Hamburger fundraiser.

We wish all our families a relaxing holiday away or an exciting time in the holiday program in Brighton. We look forward to welcoming the boys back in Term 4 on Tuesday 9 October.

Amelia Barrow
Director of the Early Learning Centre

Teaching & Learning

Once On This Island Jnr

On two spectacular nights last week, the Year 6 cast from BGS and FGS presented the musical Once on This Island Jr. The stage came alive as they transported us to a Caribbean adventure on an island in the French Antilles. The cast used the tradition of storytelling to describe how courage and spirit can withstand the storm. With the gods looking over her, Ti Moune, a peasant girl, set off on a journey of unrequited love and proved that the power of love is stronger than the power of death.

On stage, the cast was engaging and told the story so well! Huge thanks go to Brigitte McGregor and Nikki Rivett for the amazing props and costumes; they made the stage come alive in so many vibrant colours, and our students looked spectacular. Many thanks also to Jared Furtado and the crew behind the scenes for guiding and supporting the students to shine. This was a truly memorable experience for all students involved and the lyrics in the finale are apt: ‘Our lives become the stories that we weave.’

For many Year 6 boys, the musical has been a highlight of their final year in the Junior School…

The music fills us with joy and colour. Having a microphone near my face makes me feel like a pro! –Harry George

I really enjoyed working with a team of great singers and actors, working towards a common goal, to transport the audience to the wonderful and bizarre world of the Grands Hommes, peasants and the four glorious gods – The World of Once on this Island Jnr. –Tom Jorgensen

The costumes made by Brigitte and Nikki were five-star! –Andrew McGregor

As a storyteller, I enjoyed sitting on the side and seeing how the story connected together. –Ethan Rowe

The cooperation between the two schools is fantastic. The musical is hard work, but very rewarding. –James Longley

I enjoyed participating in the rehearsals and performances, and watching the musical come to life! –William Stretch

I loved learning about what goes into making a production. –Hugo Fyfe

What I love about the musical is that it allows me to be creative. –Josh Avats

Literacy meets fantasy

Don’t miss this week’s Crowther Thinking eNews

Mr Tellefson is enslaved, Mr Featherston is returning to his boyhood and as for Dr Swann, he’s been sent home. The Preps are taking over the world!

Launch of SchoolTV

Raising happy, healthy and resilient children is challenging for families. Like never before, parents need to be informed with clear, fact-based information on the many difficulties faced by young people. SchoolTV is a new resource that BGS is currently trialling. There is a separate platform for Junior School and Secondary School, giving parents access to information that is relevant to their child’s age and developmental level.

Each edition of SchoolTV addresses a major topic, with expert interviews, fact sheets, quizzes, recommended apps, books and much more. SchoolTV aggregates information from many great resources such as BeyondBlue and ReachOut. It provides a single stream of independent factual information that saves families from having to search online across multiple sites for information.

You can access the Junior School platform for SchoolTV by clicking on the link below:


Of particular interest might be the Special Report Edition by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg titled ‘Fortnite – should you be worried?’

We trust that you will find the resource very helpful. Please feel free to email Olivia Tims (Junior School Psychologist/Head of Psychological Services) on otims@brightongrammar.vic.edu.au with any feedback on SchoolTV. We’d love to know whether you find it a useful resource.

BGS Communications

BGS communicates with you in different ways but we hope that the process is clear. Here’s a reminder of the types of communications you can expect to receive from our various channels.

School Stream (app)

The School uses the app to send you notifications about day-to-day operations, such as upcoming events.

Year-level coordinators might contact you about social events using the app.


Your son’s teachers use email to be in touch with you when necessary.

When your consent is required for an excursion, you’ll receive an email.

Occasionally, the Headmaster uses email to convey important information about the School.

BGS eNews

Read the eNews (right here!) to find out what’s been happening during the week in all areas of the School.


In the unlikely event of a crisis at the School, you’ll receive an SMS.

Did you know?

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1. On your mobile, open your browser and go to http://www.brightongrammar.vic.edu.au/current-parents
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Community Film Night

Hancock House warmly invites the extended BGS community to attend a special film night in memory of Rose Mennie, loving mother of Stephen (OB2014) and Nicholas (OB2017), who lost her battle with cancer at the end of last year.

All funds raised will be donated in Rose’s memory to the Love Your Sister foundation (https://www.facebook.com/loveyoursister or www.loveyoursister.org).

The film, A Star is Born, is receiving critical claim prior to its release in Australia. It stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, and our film night is being held the day after its national release. A trailer for the film can be viewed here.

This event is open to current parents, students, Old Boys and staff as well as past parents, families and friends.

We look forward to your support and would love to see you there.

Date:  Friday 19 October
Time: 6.30pm (Palace will confirm final start time and ticket buyers will be emailed final confirmation)
Where: Palace Cinemas, Church Street Brighton
Tickets: $20 adult, $17 student (book here)

JPG News

Save the Date – Family Fun night – Friday 23 November 2018