A Word from the Headmaster – Ross Featherston

Being engaged about engagement

At Parent Information Nights in 2019, I have spoken about engagement and how this is a point of focus for our staff this year. In particular, we want each boy to be engaged with what he is doing, whether he’s in the classroom, on the stage, on the sporting field or in the outdoors. Engagement – or being ready to learn – is a key part of our Effective Learner model, sitting within the Learning Dispositions quadrant.

As Dr Ray Swann wrote a couple of weeks ago in the Crowther Centre eNews, engagement and learning readiness is crucial. Research shows that engagement is closely linked to motivation and is a reliable predictor of academic outcomes.

You can help your son with engagement in a number of ways. First, have regular conversations with him about school (in the right way, at the right time and in the right place). Second, access the resources we provide to help parents in this regard, including the Crowther Centre eNews and our Parent Workshop Program. (You can book these workshops via the Crowther Thinking eNews.) Finally, ask us for help. After all, we have been doing this for 137 years!

Have a great week.


From the Deputy Headmaster, Head of Junior School – Peter Tellefson

From time to time we have accidents on the playground. While I can assure you the playground is supervised at all times, it is important parents realise accidents will happen. Our responsibility is to ensure the playground is as safe as possible, is supervised, the boys are aware of School rules, and our boys learn to respect each other. In the event of an accident occurring, your son will be cared for to the best of our ability. Parents will be contacted and, if necessary, medical attention will be sought. It is a reality things will go wrong on the playground or in the classroom at some stage. It is essential parents allow the School to sort through issues/problems that occur at School. I would ask parents not to be making telephone calls to other parents. Please make immediate contact with your son’s Homeroom teacher, and then appropriate follow-up and action will take place.

I am most appreciative to those parents who have made the commitment to support the JPG directly by assisting as Year Level Representatives:

ELC3 – Tess Jane, Rosanna Saleme, Emma Heinz, Emma Lane

ELC4 – Melissa Muratore, Ross Stewart, Kate Croft, Jessica Luketic, Hanna King

Prep – Darleen Corcoris, Narelle Tweedle, Harriet Heath, Leah Hooper, Sarah Johnston, Eliza Oliver

Year 1 – Catherine Yue, Christine Neatnica, Anna Beynon, Jessica Luketic, Sylvia Ktori

Year 2 – Harriet Heath, Emma Buckingham, Shila Mesdaghi-Harvey, Megan Ryan

Year 3 – Belinda Jones, Alexandra Dever, Heidi Cleret, Sharon Bates, Lisa Schnepf

Year 4 – Val Zuban, Michelle Chilcott, Agnese Saleh, Amanda Bramich, Jessica Greenwell, Petra Thomson, Helen Haralambakis, Julie Harper

Year 5 – Emily Beaton, Brooke Pollock, Basia Quill, Zoe Mongey, Chris Crewdson

Year 6 – Rebecca Rowe, Leonie Vincent, Joanne Mercer, Monique Brougham, Trish Mulhall, Fiona Thomas, Angela Porteous, Melissa Young

This is not an onerous task; the main role of a Year Level Representative is to assist the JPG with the organisation of functions throughout the year and to seek support from parents at various year levels. Support is still required from 5 Argyle. The Junior School, Staff and JPG need your support, the greater parent involvement we have the richer the school experience is for your son.

Junior School Happenings and Reminders

  • Our Years 4–6 Parent Information Evening was most successful last Thursday, and I thank all parents from Prep to Year 6 and classroom teachers for their commitment to our Parent/Teacher Discussions on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Our final Parent Information Evening for our ELC parents will be held next Thursday 28 February from 7.00pm.
  • On most Fridays at 12:30pm we have a Junior School Assembly in the G. B. Robertson Hall, and on a rotational basis, classes have the opportunity to present their work to the Junior School community. The Assembly serves many purposes: it gives our boys an opportunity to present, read, or speak to an audience, to entertain, to educate and share knowledge, to show the breadth of the curriculum and the opportunities provided at Wilson House. Weekly Awards are presented and the boys are involved in prayer and singing. All parents are most welcome to attend.
  • Our Prep to Year 6 Swimming Carnival will be held tomorrow at 9.00am. All boys are expected to compete in BGS bathers which can be purchased from the Uniform Shop.  No tuck orders will be available. Parents are most welcome to attend.  Click here for an order of events.
  • Due to the cancellation of the 2018 Family Fun Night in November, our Welcome Picnic on Friday 1 March will include rides and food vendors, see the JPG News section for booking details.


From the Director of the Early Learning Centre – Amelia Barrow

Busy little bees in the ELC

This week has been busy with Specialist classes in full swing and the majority of our boys settled and experiencing full days in the ELC. We also welcome back a few friends who have been celebrating Chinese New Year in style!

Our ELC Parent Information Evening will be on Thursday 28 February 7-9pm. This is a great night where parents can get to know each other, meet the ELC staff and ask questions about the day to day runnings of the ELC. We will also be discussing our Program & Learning Intentions for the boys.

A few reminders for this week: all  new parents need to log in to their Synportal account as our ELC Parent Teacher Interviews booking link will be posted on there next week. Our ELC3 Parent Teacher Interviews will be hosted on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 March 3.30 – 6pm, and ELC4 Parent Teacher Interviews will be on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 March. We look forward to sharing your son’s Learning Intentions across our 5 Early Years Learning Frameworks – Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Learning & Communication.

A letter will be placed on School Stream next week inviting family and friends to our ELC Harmony Day celebrations on Thursday 21 March for a morning tea. More information to come; however, please place it in your diary!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your classroom teacher or me.


Teaching & Learning

News from 1 Heath

The boys of 1 Heath have eagerly taken on the challenge of transitioning from Prep to Year 1. They have been particularly good at adapting to our new daily classroom routine of morning meetings. The boys have demonstrated that they can be ready to learn each morning by sitting quietly in a circle where they ponder questions, take on team challenges and discuss any current issues or concerns. This process allows the boys to get to know each of their class members better and helps build a sense of community and respect in the classroom.

A highlight of Year 1 so far has been meeting their big buddies in Year 6. The boys have already learnt a great deal about their buddies and are excited to work with them towards a common goal in the future. The Year 6 boys have done a wonderful job modelling how a BGS boy conducts himself and inspiring the Year 1s to do the same. Where possible, the boys are paired with a buddy in the same House. In turn, this provides the younger boys with a familiar face and role model to guide them at various House events.

Without a doubt, Design and Technology with Mr Gibney has been another favourite for the boys of 1 Heath. Not only do the boys gain exciting hands on experience with tools, they also have the opportunity to apply problem solving skills in a real life situation and work collaboratively with their peers. The class are incredibly excited to share their projects soon with their big buddies. The Year 1 boys hold their buddy’s opinion in high regard and want to challenge them with the game they created with their own two hands. 

Victoria Fisher
Year 1 Teacher


Understanding BGS History and APS Sport Competition in 5 Zachariah

Recently Brighton Grammar School celebrated its 137th birthday. Happy birthday BGS! Prompted by this event, our impending Assembly presentation and a curiosity about their new classroom, the boys in 5 Zachariah delved into some School history. It was decided that our Assembly presentation would aim to answer the question: Why is 5 Zachariah called 5 Zachariah? Boys also wished to share their experience from their first week of APS sport.

Existing staff directed us to Harry Zachariah’s obituary written by Peter Skelton in 2009. The boys quickly recognised what a prominent and important figure Harry played at the school, and also of his cricketing prowess.  Combining this new knowledge with our recent curriculum focus on writing biographies, the boys put together a timeline of events that lead Harry to work at BGS for some 60 years. There was a lot of information to condense from a 97 year-long life, but the boys combed through the information to find interesting facts and details, such as his impressive bowling average (and less than impressive batting one!).

Some were interested to share their experience from the first week of APS sport competition: the thrill of competing on the revered Crowther Oval, the excitement of travelling to other schools to compete, the comradery in being part of a team.

The boys worked in pairs to write a ‘perfect paragraph’ that would form their part in the Assembly presentation. A perfect paragraph has a topic sentence, 5-7 sentences of elaboration, a closing sentence and correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. The boys revised their work and edited parts so they would mesh well with the boys speaking before and after them. They practised reading their part clearly and expressing tricky words with the correct pronunciation. All the while, a few tech savvy boys put together a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the spoken content.

The boys were proud to present some of BGS’ long history, and share their experiences in the new realm of APS sport.  Well done 5 Zachariah!

Michael Stephens
Year 5 Teacher


This Week’s Parenting Tip

Please click here to view this week’s Parenting Tip: ‘Help kids develop impulse control’.



JPG News

BGS Junior School Welcome/Family Fun Night: 1 March 4.30pm-8pm
Red Square, BGS Junior School

As the 2018 Family Fun Night was cancelled due to inclement weather, this year the Welcome Picnic will also incorporate Family Fun Night. This is a great opportunity for families to get together and enjoy a fun evening. There will be a variety of food trucks on the night. BYO drinks. 

Please note that if you previously purchased tickets for the 2018 event and did not request a refund, new wristbands will be issued at no extra cost. Additional tickets can be purchased for $35 per child (unlimited rides) and adults are free.  Wristbands are available to purchase on the night.

If you have any queries, please contact Sarah Fearn (0431 372 166)


Hellenic Republic Joins the Family

We are delighted to announce that Hellenic Republic, Church St,  Brighton, is joining our partnership program! 

To welcome BGS to the Hellenic family, they are giving you an opportunity to win a $100 dining voucher.  When you next dine at Hellenic Republic Brighton, before 31 March, mention BGS and the team will invite you to leave your details to be in the draw to win.  Particular thanks to Hellenic Republic for partnering with BGS – their support, along with our other partners, is directed into our Building Fund supporting future projects at BGS.


Ultimate Indoor Golf to Support CF

Alongside Firbank Grammar, BGS is an Event Partner at a charity golf event to be held at X-Golf Mentone in support of the Monash Cystic Fibrosis community.

Only a few booths remain available at the event – book now to enjoy an evening of ultimate indoor golf fun and to support CF. Bookings can be made through Felicity Stretch.